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ESP8266 Programmer is a breakout board to upload firmware on ESP8266. It benefits of USB-C connector, the new de-facto standard on the market. It is designed to be attached to Lolin/Wemos D1 mini shield. If you are not going to use this form factor, you can break the external frame, gaining some mm^2 (video). Despite the name, it can be also used to program ESP32 and ESP32-S2.

New version here.

Main components

  • Serial-USB converter CH340C
  • A low dropout voltage regulator ME6211 (max 500mA)
  • 2 NPN digital transistors to control output pins embedded in UMH3N
  • USB-C connector for power supply and data


This board is entirely solderable by hand, no need of stencil. You will need the hot air gun for the USB-C connector and UMH3N.


You just need to install the driver for the CH340C.


  • 1.0.0 ⚠: First version
  • 1.1.0 ❌: Resistor on RX 470 ohm to protect the line; modular form-factor Wemos D1 Mini; used 0805 package instead of 1206); micro USB -> USB-C; B5819W --> B5817W (lower forward threshold)
  • 1.2.0 ✅: fix Pd resistor on USB-C connector required to sink energy; LED red to indicate power on; Breakable PCB split in 2 parts, to ease breakability
  • 1.2.1 ✅: circles around pins to identify the one used in Lolin D1 mini form factor; minimum track width 0.2mm
  • 1.2.2 ❔: improved readability of schematic and PCB; removed 0603 -> 0805 package for resistors, capacitors and LEDS; minimum 0.8mm NPTH cut to match JLCPCB capabilities

Versioning conventions

Each printed board has a version in the format x.y.z.

To quickly indentify the status of each version, I use emojis. The following list explains their meaning:

  • A White Heavy Check Mark (✅) means that it is successfully tested;
  • A Negative Squared Cross Mark (❎) means that it was almost successfully tested (the main functionalities are fine), but there are bugs affecting minor funcionalities;
  • A Warning Sign (⚠) means that the board is not usable out of the box but the bugs are fixable in DIY (decent) fashion;
  • A Cross Mark (❌) means that there are some problems that makes it unusable;
  • A White Question Mark Ornament (❔) means not tested.

small esp programmer.jpg


ESP8266 Programmer

ESP8266 Programmer


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 CH340C U1 SOP-16_150MIL 1
3 Serial Header SERIAL HDR-6X1/2.54 1
4 1uF C1,C2 0805 2
5 100nF C3 0805 1
6 10uF C4 0805 1
7 470 R1 0805 1
8 5.1k R3,R2 0805 2
9 1k R4 0805 1
10 nSMD050 F1 1206 1
11 LED-Red(0603) LED1 LED-0805 1
12 ME6211C33R5G ME6211 SOT-353 1
13 Wemos D1 Shield U2 WEMOS_D1_MINI 1
14 USB-310F USB3 USB-TYPE-S-C8.64X7.25 1
15 B5817W D1 SOD-123 1


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