Class D Audio Amplifier

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In this project I will show you why a class AB amplifier is pretty inefficient and how a class D audio amplifier on the other hand improves this efficiency. At the end I will show you how we can apply the theory of operation of a class D amp to a couple of common components in order to create our own DIY class D audio amplifier.

The class D audio amplifier circuit file on EasyEDA: Here you can find the schematic of the project with and without the LM386 preamplifier. Feel free to use the pictures of my finished perfboard circuit as a reference.

enter image description here

Watch the video for more progress information:

The video gives you all the information you need to build your own class D audio amp. During the next steps however I will present you some additional information to make the project even simpler.

Order some components from the China’s largest electronic components online store- or other sellers like Ebay or Amazon. 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack 1x 10kΩ Potentiometer 1x LM393 Comparator 1x TLC555 Timer 1x 74HC04 Inverter 1x IR2113 MOSFET Driver 2x IRLZ44N MOSFET 1x 7805 Voltage Regulator 1x 7812 Voltage Regulator 2x PCB Terminal 3x 47µF, 1x 22µF Capacitor 7x 220nF Capacitor 3x UF4007 Diode 2x 10kΩ, 2x 10Ω, 1x 2kΩ Resistor 2x 33µH Inductor enter image description here Build and Connect: enter image description hereenter image description here Success: enter image description here







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