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How to Draw Electronic Circuits On easyeda ? copy

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How to draw Electronic Circuits on Easyeda? For electronic engineering or hardware engineers ,we always have some ideas to put into real products . The first step is to design an electronic circuit or a schematic . Then how to draw an Electronic Circuit ? What tools would you want to choose ? Let me introduce how to draw Electronic circuits . Recently I get the chance to know about the software Easyeda ,which is an online schematic capture , spice simulation,pcb layout tool and the project created on the could be saved on the cloud server . Furthermore , we could import designs from Eagle ,Altium Designer,Kicad,and LTspice . Some operations are similar to Altium Designers . So I have a try and feel it is quick to get started . 1.Now let me introduce how to Draw an Schematic . Firstly , Create a Project from the Document—>New—>Project , and rename the title and save it . I could choose the “Public ”or “Private ”to choose whether to share the file to public or not . enter image description here ——Create a new Project. Secondly ,create an schematic .Document—>New—>Schematic . Thirdly ,start to Draw Schematic on Schematic Interface .Choose components from EasyEDA Libs A very simple schematic has been created as followed. enter image description here ——One ultra-simple Circuit 2.Sometimes , you need to place some ICs on Schematic. You need to search IC from the More Libraries enter image description here ——ICON of searching PCB Package and Schematic LIbs For example , search NE555 from more Libraries.Type NE555 in the Search Box , then you will find the NE555 Schematic Lib on a list . Choose “Place” to put the component on the schematic .And begin to draw it with wires and other components ,some ICs , resistors ,capacitors ,inductors, Diodes ,BJT, connectors and so on . enter image description here ——Searchbox to find components enter image description here

3.When the component you need is not on Easyedalibs , we need to create a schematic Libs for the component .For example , if I want to design a BMP180 Schematic module . Firstly I need to find a BMP180 component, but it could not be found on EasyedaLibs , So I need to create one . Steps: 1.Document->New->Schematic Libs 2.Place a retangle on the Schematic Libs . 3.Place pins on the sides of Retangle 4.Define the name of each Pin . Double click the pin and change the name of the pin . enter image description here So the component that has been created and saved as one of the components in”My Parts”“User Components” on Easyeda. Also , it was stored on the cloud server and could be shared with anyone who needs this component. Now I have introduced how to draw electronic circuits on easyeda . It is easy to learn and get started with designing schematics on . It is also convenient to share your schematic Libs and electronic Circuits with all the designers or engineers who use Easyeda. Hope you could enjoy the fun of designing schematics and make your own creative electronic circuits .


NE555 copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 NE555 U1 SO08 1
2 1u C1,C2 C1 2
3 1k R1 R3 1


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