If The Desktop Version Has Expired, How to Save Your File to Local
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Tutorials 2 years ago
Some users using the desktop version but without sync the files to the server, and our desktop version will expire over two months. When the desktop version show you that it has expired, it will close the windows automatically if you click the OK button, and we stop to release the new version now. ![enter image description here][1] so, if your files did not sync to the server and the desktop version has expired, please trying below step to save your file to local. If you don't confirm your files whether if all be synced to the server, you can login at the web version and take a look. [https://easyeda.com/editor](https://easyeda.com/editor) 1.Find out the user file location you have set when you installed the desktop version. And make a backup. 2.Disconnet the network connection. 3.Change the computer's date more than the desktop build date a few dates. Such as: The desktop version build date is 2017-08-09, and you can set system's date to 2017-08-10. 4.Re-install the same desktop version you have installed, and change the user file folder location to Step1 location, if you have changed it. If you haven't change it please keep the default location, such as: "C:\Users\USERNAME\.easyeda\https_easyeda.com\". 5.Finish install and open it. 6.Open your all files and save as EasyEDA source file to local drive. https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/Export.htm#Exporting-EasyEDA-Source ![](https://easyeda.com/editor/20171010/59dc7973a6e3c.png) 7.Open web verison editor and open the EasyEDA source file, and save. Via DOCUMENT->OPENEASYEDAFILE->* very sorry about that. [1]: /editor/20171010/59dcca6cddce8.png
aurix 2 years ago
Where can I download versions of the desktop application? Last I checked the download is disabled. The only version I could find was 4.5.2 from forum. My installed version is different. Will it matter if I install an older version?
Tutorials 2 years ago
@aurix You can re-install the intalled version , and change the system date more few dates than the desktop builded date. Such as: If the desktop version build date is 2017-08-09, and then you can set the system date as 2017-08-10. and then go on above steps. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /editor/20171011/59ddbbb7dcf7b.png
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