Pin count mismatch and ambiguous description with LCSC parts C18270 (and C31636)
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andyfierman 2 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: I have discovered a couple of problems with LCSC parts C18270 and C31636. 1) They both have 36 pin symbols and 36 pin footprints in EasyEDA. In LCSC they are shown as: but the datasheet only lists up to 35 pin: ![enter image description here][1] ![enter image description here][2] What do LCSC actually supply? 35P or 36P parts? In other words, is the link to the datasheet wrong or are the part descriptions, symbols and footprints wrong? 2) It is not clear in english which of the two horizontal mount parts is the part referred to as C18270: ![enter image description here][3] or: ![enter image description here][4] Using Google Translate on the phrase "under the next" I get: 在下一个 so I think C18270 is this one: ![enter image description here][5] but is that true? Can LCSC clarify this on the webpage? [1]: /editor/20171001/59cfd530bbb63.png [2]: /editor/20171001/59cfd5450665b.png [3]: /editor/20171001/59cfd556ebefa.png [4]: /editor/20171001/59cfd562eb5f2.png [5]: /editor/20171001/59cfd57521935.png
dillon 2 years ago
Now LCSC is on holiday, thanks
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