simulation does not work but circuit working in real wolrd???
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stomp1234 4 years ago
I every one, I just started using Easy,Eda sin i don't have a scope and was wondering i I could change values and view the change's The circuit is a guitar booster. I hardwired it and it works : louder volume and clean sound in a guitar amp. But when i run the simulation the output is always zero??? I have checked the circuit and it look's ok to me.[here is the circuit][1] I dont understand! Could someone try it to see wat you think Thanks stomp1234 [1]:
stomp1234 4 years ago
I think my connections are not as i want them : i will try to redo the wiring of the same circuit?? hopin
EasyEDA 4 years ago
Hi Stomp1234, Sorry about the confusion this has caused but the problem was that the collector, base and emitter spice pin mapping was wrong on the symbol you chose. It is now correct so if you take the schematic as you originally posted in your link above and simply delete Q1 and then replace it with exactly the same 2N3904, your sim should now work as expected. One tip: run the sim with a Max Timestep of 1u, a Stop Time of 10m and a Start Time of 9m. This will allow all the initial offsets due to the the non-linear behaviour of the stage through the coupling caps to settle out by the time you want to look at the output. (Compare this with a Max Timestep of 1u, a Stop Time of 1m and a Start Time of 0m.) :)
stomp1234 4 years ago
tanks for finding a bug!! i will study that tomorrow... thanks again
joanriveravega 4 years ago
ya realize todo el circuito pero lo que no me sale es el circulo que indica la simulación desde que inicie mi proyecto
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