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This is an analogue circuit for a battery charger. Undervoltage the unit is "hard on" then it oscilates around the desired set voltage forming almost a PWM style switching near full charge. This circuit pulls about 10ma making the losses to this low. More efficiency could be obtained from the solar panels using MPPT





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted LCSC
1 1u C1 RAD-0.1 1 Yes
2 1N4001 D1,D2 DO-41 2 1N4001 MDD LCSC Yes C2456
3 10u C2 CAP-D3.0XF1.5 1 Yes
4 1n C5,C3 RAD-0.1 2 Yes
5 LM393P U1 DIP-8 1 LM393P TI LCSC Yes C5209
6 1N5821G D5 DO-41 1 1N4001 MDD LCSC Yes C2456
7 IRF540NPBF Q4 TO-220(TO-220-3) 1 IRF540NPBF Infineon LCSC Yes C2566
8 BC547B Q5 TO-92(TO-92-3) 1 BC547B Tube CJ LCSC Yes C2092
9 100K R10,R1,R2,R3,R4,R8 AXIAL-0.3 6 Yes
10 10K R11,R5,R7 AXIAL-0.3 3 Yes
11 1n5158 D6 DO-14 1 MBR0520LT1G ON LCSC Yes C23848
12 900mA F1 FUSE_TE5_LITTLEFUSE-395SERIES_REVA_28AUG2012 1 12A/250V 5*20Double cap with lead XCFuse LCSC Yes C58220
13 100K R6 WH160-1-104 1 Potentiometer WH160-1-104 JML LCSC Yes C61836
14 1N5223B D3 DO-35 1 Yes
15 EK950V-02P CN1 EK950V-02P 1 EK950V-02P Dinkle LCSC Yes C144416
16 31330103 CN3 DIP-1X3PW-5MM 1 31330103 METZ CONNECT LCSC Yes C123231
17 DIP switch,Dip Switch,DSWB03LHGET SW1 DSWB03LHGET 1 DIP switch,Dip Switch,DSWB03LHGET KE LCSC Yes C99420
18 LED-G LED1 LED-3MM 1 3AR2SC10 90-120 KENTO LCSC Yes C54134
19 3AR2SC10 90-120 LED2,LED3 LED-3MM 2 3AR2SC10 90-120 KENTO LCSC Yes C54134
20 4k7 R9,R12,R13 AXIAL-0.3 3 Yes


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