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Pi Zero Robo HAT

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HAT or pHAT for Raspberry Pi. Designed with the Pi Zero W in mind, so it shares the footprint of the Zero.

HAT has an ATmega328PB connected via I2C, SPI and UART,allowing both flashing, and many forms of communication.

Included a space for a Mini DC-DC voltage regulator. These are good for 3A of power, but make sure to solder the 5V pads and cut the ADJ pad lead.

Headers for SPI(ICSP) and both I2C busses available

ATmega328PU has the following linked to it:

  • MPU6050 IMU on the 2nd I2C bus (0x68) and interrupt linked
  • 2 MX1508 motor drivers, MAX 10v, providing 4x1.5A PWM driven motors
  • 4 Servo headers with 5v attached
  • Voltage divider for monitoring battery level on ADC3


RoboHAT - MX1508



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 db89ce98cda94bd7974245809079b936 MX1508_1,MX1508_2 SOP-16 2 Yes
2 67dd15b7d5d645b5a2b42e343ebe5174 MPU6050 MPU6050_BOARD 1 Yes
3 780c74d0c898482fb2295ca858dc8236 MOTOR-2,MOTOR-4,MOTOR-1,MOTOR-3 JST_XH_02X2.50MM 4 Yes
4 e04bc25700b64190bbe126a11eee89d0 6V-10V H2-3.5-7.0X7.0MM 1 Yes
5 612fbff75e0f4a7e831e8abda2a9a36f DROK-MINI DORK MINI DC-DC 1 Yes 4617767
6 1e3402dce2b3d224c392a9b6d27d11d5 PI-HEADER HDR-20X2/2.54 1 Yes C50980
7 8b279dfc70494855928176a56fcc7b48 328P-AU TQFP-32_7X7X08P 1 Yes C132230
8 21f8f80a3f7c3c2b00b33f71a31ff6ef SERVO1,SERVO2,SERVO3,SERVO4 HDR-3X1/2.54 4 Yes C49257
9 0b6ea66f1a77ef3069b26dadb3d73791 PI_I2C,ARDU_I2C HDR-1X2/2.54 2 Yes C49661
10 e1348cca384247b7be54ee2ca5307fbd ICSP 2X3_SMT_POSTS 1 Yes
11 e6e151e32d2845a48b103458c069e986 2K2 CASE-A_3216 1 Yes
12 38f24f2f71ba4e868456fd5f2f999bec 1K 3225 1 Yes
13 c7fdf76b0b114dcd9df9cefe6d47611c C1,C2,C3,C4 CASE-D_7343 4 Yes C122306




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