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TDA7293V Sub Amp

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Nearing of 01/27/2018

The objective of this design is to drive two lower power subwoofers with one PCB.

The PCB is arranged so that two amplifiers that are powered from one source, and have their own inputs. They could be used as a stereo amplifier.

Assembly of this board required that solder 16 surface mount resistors, 0603 size. I manage this with a small tip on the iron, and a low power microscope.

Although the PCB is one design, it could be cut apart to separate into two sections: The dual amplifier (stereo) section as outlined above, and the section more related to subwoofer use. Description of that section is as follows:

The non-heat sink board has an auto-on/off feature, a high pass 24db/octave filter set at about 33 Hz, and a configurable pre-gain filter. Gain settings are 1 to 4.5. I'm powering this setup with about 20Vdc, so max output from each channel is about 50W into 4 ohms. Most caps tied to the supply are 25V. The Mallory (now Cornell Dubilier, or CDE) used this project are some surplus I had. Use the biggest cap you can fit in there.

There is a mute circuit that prevents start up and shut down 'thump'.

High Pass Filter The high pass filter design is not my own. While the basic filter design could be found anywhere on the internet, credit is due to Elliot Sound Products, Project 99. Take note of how the cut-off frequency can be changed by using different filter caps only. I have incorporated this high pass filter so that speakers can be used that can not handle low frequencies without over extension. The high pass filter can be bypassed if you have real subwoofers.

Powering the high pass / auto on-off board More details to come. I'll provide the transformer sources for this project (inexpensive, great quality) and assembly details. Please note: As of 1/27/2018, I have only the PCB, and have not assembled and verified this design. This design is a corrected earlier version that I didn't publish.It works fine on the bench, but I haven't used it as intended. I am 99% sure all this works fine, but if you build it, you're responsible for that 1%!


TDA7293V Dual

Dual Vertical


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 4700uF C1,C10,C11,C12 4700 UF 16/18MM 4 Yes
2 22uF C2,C3 6.3 X 11 CAP 2 Yes
3 UES1E470MPM C4,C5 10 X 12.5 CAP 2 Yes
4 UES1E4R7MDM1TD C6,C7,C24 5 X 11 CAP 3 Yes
5 22k R1,R3,R10,R12 AXIAL-0.4 4 Yes
6 680 R2,R11 AXIAL-0.4 2 Yes
7 10uF C8,C9,C13,C14 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 4 Yes
8 20k R4,R9,R20 AXIAL-0.4 3 Yes
9 75k R5,R7 AXIAL-0.4 2 Yes
10 10k R6,R8,R19,R21,R32 AXIAL-0.4 5 Yes
11 1N914B D1,D3,D4,D6 DO-35 4 Yes
12 ECQ-E2224KF C15,C16 0.22 UF METALIZED POLYESTER 250V 10% 2 Yes
14 T81H5D312-12 CR1 P&B SIGNAL RELAY 1 Yes
15 100k R13,R16 0603 2 Yes
16 220k R14,R17 0603 2 Yes
17 47k R15,R18 0603 2 Yes
18 BFC241649103 C17,C18,C19,C20,C21,C22 FILM CAP 6 Yes
19 5k R22 AXIAL-0.4 1 Yes
20 76SB03T S1 76SB03T 1 Yes
21 748 R23,R25 0603 2 Yes
22 75k R24,R26,R30 0603 3 Yes
23 3k R27 0603 1 Yes
24 10k R28,R35 0603 2 Yes
25 5M R29 AXIAL-0.4 1 Yes
26 220uF C23 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1 Yes
27 10k PR1,PR2 BOURNS_3266W 2 Yes
28 W01G D5 BRIDGE-WOB 1 Yes
29 1800uF C25,C26 PANASONIC FR-A SERIES 2 Yes
30 Molex MicroFit J9 MOLEX MICROFIT 8 POS 1 Yes
31 KA78L12AZTA U4 12V POS V REG 100MA 1 Yes
32 MC79L12ACLPR U6 12V NEG V REG 100MA 1 Yes
33 1uF C27,C28 CERAMIC CAP, 0.2" PITCH 2 Yes
34 47k R31 AXIAL-0.4 1 Yes
35 22-11-2042 J10 MOLEX 4 PIN KK254 1 Yes
36 70543-0001 U7,J13,J14 MOLEX SL 2 PIN 3 Yes
37 2N7000G Q1,Q2 TO92-INLINE 2 Yes
38 EEA-FC1E100 C29,C30 10UF, 25V 2 Yes
39 0.1uF C31,C32,C33,C34 CERAMIC CAP, 0.2" PITCH 4 Yes
40 1N4001 D7,D8 DO-41 2 Yes
41 CON_HEADER_1X03 J15 M1X3 1 Yes
42 30k R33 0603 1 Yes
43 40k R34 0603 1 Yes
44 20k R36 0603 1 Yes
45 1287-ST J2,J1,J3,J4,J5,J6,J7,J8,J12,J11,J16 1287-ST 11 Yes
46 1N5401 D10,D11 DO-201AD 2 Yes
47 10 ohm R37 AXIAL-0.4 1 Yes
49 TDA7293V U1,U2 MULTIWATT15V 2 Yes
50 Header-Male-2.54_1x2 P1 HDR-2X1/2.54 1 Yes
51 22-11-2032 J17 MOLEX 3 PIN KK254 1 Yes
52 1N4731A D9 DO-41 1 Yes
53 TL074ACN U5,U3 DIP14 2 Yes


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