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Easy Reticulation

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The Easy Reticulation is a low cost wifi enabled reticulation controller based on an ESP8285 Module, it has 4 relays that output to 4 solenoids at 24vac. That means it is suitable for 1 x master solenoid and 3 stations. The wifi control module is powered by the 24vac transformer that powers the solenoid so only one supply is required. As most reticulation system run on 24vac you can use an existing system's power supply, installing this one along side or inside if there is room to enable an existing system up to 4 solenoid to be controlled via wifi. It has a M205 fuse to protect outputs and the controller and a real time clock DS3231 so that in the future it could be programmed via the Arduino IDE to be a stand alone device, it is currently designed to work with Home Assistant.

I have installed many large and expensive reticulation controller many of which are not even wifi enabled for landscapers and most of them only have 2 or 3 stations in use, some only one station. Most people set their controller and thats it they look at it again only if something isn't working, so why have a big complicated box and lots of stations. I made this to be easy to use, low cost and wifi connected to I can connect it to my Home Assistant setup. For more information on the development see my channel -


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Easy Retic 5_2_21


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 MB6F-10 D4 MBF_L4.8-W3.9-P2.50-LS6.7-BL 1
2 MCP16331T-E/CH U3 SOT-23-6_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 1
3 52.3K R1 R0805 1
4 DS3231MZ+ U11 SOIC-8_L4.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1
5 100nF C4,C8,C11 C0603 3
6 LED-0603_R LED2 LED0603_RED 1
7 Battery Holder PCB CR1025 3v U4 COIN CELL HOLDER 10MM PCB 1
8 1N4148WS_C110221 D1 SOD-323_L1.8-W1.3-LS2.5-RD 1
9 ESP-01M U9 ESP-01M_1.2MMPCB 1
10 ULN2003ADR U5 SOIC-16_L9.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1
11 1uF C9,C3 C0805 2
12 PT42-21C/TR8 U1 LED1210 1
13 RT9013-33GB U2 SOT-23-5_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 1
14 Fuse Holder M205 F1 FUSE HOLDER M205 1
15 470uF C5,C10 CAP-SMD_BD12.5-L13.0-W13.0-FD_EEEFK1E122SV 2
16 1M R4 R0805 1
17 HF32FA-G/005-HSL1 K4,K3,K2,K1 RELAY-TH_4PIN_HF32FA-G-XXX-HSX1 4
18 1k R7,R8 R0603 2
19 10uF C7,C6,C1,C2 C1206 4
20 300 R5 R0603 1
22 SS14_C444721 D3,D2 SMA_L4.4-W2.8-LS5.4-RD 2
23 10K R2,R3,R6 R0805 3
24 P2 5MM T1,T3,T4,T2 P2 TERMINAL 5MM 4


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