Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System

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Sprout is a Modern Indoor Planter which automatically waters your plants, herbs, vegetables, etc and will revolutionize your gardening game.

YouTube Video Tutorial: Jonty - Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System

Step-by-Step Instructions: Instructables - Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System

Code: GitHub

It consists of an integrated water reservoir from which water is pumped & keeps the plant's soil hydrated.

A soil moisture sensor is calibrated such that it periodically measures the moisture of the soil thereby regulating the water flow. If the soil is too dry, the water pump automatically switches ON and goes OFF when the soil moisture has reached the desired level.

If you're the person who underwaters their plants, Sprout will ensure you will never have to worry about being a bad gardener again. And if you're the sort of person who overwaters their plants to compensate for absenteeism, it means your not in danger of drowning your plants or seeds.

Sprout's water reservoir capacity is around 500 ml / 17 fl oz, which allows you to neglect your plants for as long as a month before it needs a refill.



Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 93b05b65dc854414b3026f971a535e44 U1 ARDUINO_NANO 1 Yes
2 e08526e65b5e407b8e637a308d00f78f LED1 LED-3MM/2.54 1 Yes C99772
3 2191314250ed43a796b57d45825575c3 R1,R2 AXIAL-0.3 2 Yes
4 ba4069bc28d74d51a7f6d8e201782944 P1 SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR 1 Yes 12587
5 b595abccf078490b8a321c5888ebebc8 POWER,PUMP MOLEX-1X2 2 Yes
6 41ba429427b44dd5b94527bbf9b79dd5 U3 TO220H 1 Yes
7 493c37b31335cee71a6923d9c01da200 Q1 TO-220(TO-220-3) 1 Yes C2566
8 c33f80dfd386ecf42252d23f6f79b33c D1 DO-41 1 Yes C53568
9 7ff5b657d9f65ca285001e2b488e2e99 HC-05 HDR-4X1/2.54 1 Yes C124413


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