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vox tonebender mkII clone

4 years ago 1923
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fuzz tonebender vox clone with charger pump. Pedal can be powered by external power supply and can be used in chain effect. typical gain for OC75 transistor are 70 hfe for Q1, Q2 and 100 for Q3. Great thank to fuzz central website and his remarkable job.


Schematic tonebender mkII

pcb mkII rel B


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 1M R7,R1 AXIAL-0.4 JPO 2 Yes
2 MAX1044 U1 DIL08 1 Yes
3 10u C11 CAP-XF2.0 JPO 1 Yes
4 56u C10 CAP-XF2.0 JPO 1 Yes
5 10k R3 AXIAL-0.4 JPO 1 Yes
6 470 R6 AXIAL-0.4 JPO 1 Yes
7 100k R4,R2,R5 AXIAL-0.4 JPO 3 Yes
8 OC75 Q1,Q2,Q3 OC75 JPO 3 Yes
9 220pF C3,C6,C7 CK05 JPO 3 Yes
10 100n C5 MKTS4 JPO 1 Yes
11 4u7 C2,C8 CAP-XF2.0 JPO 2 Yes
12 10n C1,C9 CK05 JPO 2 Yes
13 B1K P1 CON- 1X3- JPO 1 Yes
14 A100k P2 CON- 1X3- JPO 1 Yes
15 In IN CON- 1X2- JPO 1 Yes
16 Out OUT,SW CON- 1X2- JPO 2 Yes
17 47uF C12 CAP-XF2.0 JPO 1 Yes
18 1N4001 D1 DIODE_DO-41_ JPO 1 Yes
19 20K TR1 TRIMPOT-5MM JPO 1 Yes
20 +9V 9V CON- 1X1- JPO 1 Yes
21 3K3 R8 AXIAL-0.4 JPO 1 Yes
22 White(0603) LED CON- 1X2- JPO 1 Yes
23 GND GND CON- 1X1- JPO 1 Yes




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