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Li-ion charger + boost

1 year ago 718
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Here is a simple li-lion charger with source switching and boost converter. Automatically switches between battery and Input voltage.





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted
1 1.8k R1 0805 1 Yes
2 1k R2,R4 0805 2 Yes
3 100R R3 0805 1 Yes
4 10k R5,R8 0805 2 Yes
5 USB-Micro-1 USB1 USB-MICRO-1 1 USB-Micro-1 LCSC LCSC Yes C40939
6 BATTERY P1 HDR-1X2/2.54 1 Header-Female-2.54_1x2 LCSC LCSC Yes C49661
7 9V P2 HDR-1X2/2.54 1 Header-Female-2.54_1x2 LCSC LCSC Yes C49661
8 TP4057 U1 SOT-23-6 1 TP4057 TOPPOWER LCSC Yes Yes C12044
9 FS8205 Q1 SOT-23-6 1 FS8205 FORTUNE LCSC Yes Yes C32254
10 DW01+G U2 SOT-23-6 1 DW01+G FORTUNE LCSC Yes Yes C14213
11 1u C1 0805 1 Yes
12 10u C2,C3,C5,C6,C7 0805 5 Yes
13 SI2301CDS-T1-GE3 Q2 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 1 SI2301CDS-T1-GE3 VISHAY LCSC Yes C10487
14 1N5819HW-7-F D1,D2 SOD-123 2 1N5819HW-7-F DIODES LCSC Yes C82544
15 LED 1206 LED1,LED2 D1206 2 LED 1206 Yes
16 100n C4 0805 1 Yes
17 MT3608 U3 SOT-23-6 1 MT3608 AEROSEMI LCSC Yes C84817
18 22uH L2 5845 1 SM5845-220MT ValuePro LCSC Yes C9888
19 3.3k R6 0805 1 Yes
20 47k R7 0805 1 Yes
21 AO3404 Q3 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 1 AO3404 Guangdong Hottech LCSC Yes C192925




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Comments (1)

Raphael Brandão Reply

Thank you for sharing this project.
I wonder if it's possible to use a solar panel instead of the 5V input.

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