NRF24LE1 modular

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1、Module description: NRF24LE1 is a cost-effective and built-in microcontroller intelligent 2.4GHz RF transceiver in the family of a member of the. NRF24LE1 is optimized for ultra low power wireless applications. Capability of processor, memory, low power oscillator, real name, counters, AES encryption accelerator, the combination of the random number generator and power saving mode to implement RF protocol provides an ideal platform. The benefits of using nRF24LE1 include tight protocol timing, security, low power consumption, and improved coexistence performance. For application layer, nRF24LE1 provides a rich peripherals including: SPI, IIC, UART, 6 to 12 bit ADC, PWM and a super low power analog comparator for voltage level system wake-up. 2、Function Description: Hz nRF24L01+2.4 transceiver (250 BPs, 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps air rate)
Integrated high speed single chip (compatible with 8051)
16 kB on-chip program memory
1 kB chip data memory
512 byte non-volatile data memory
AES symmetric encryption hardware acceleration
16-32 bit multiplication division co processor
6-12 bit ADC
High flexibility input and output port
Power saving mode from ultra low power consumption to efficient operation
Mm QFN24 55mm QFN32 77mm QFN48 4*4 package
Support hardware debugger
Hardware support firmware update 3、Description of eaenter image description herech function module:

enter image description here

4、Components and PCB diagram before welding:

5、Physical map after welding:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here





ID Value Qty. Package Components Manufacturer Part
1 NRF24LE1 1 QFN-32 U1
2 0.1uF 5 C-0603 C1,C2,C4,C10,C13
3 33nF 1 C-0603 C3
4 2.2nF 1 C-0603 C5
5 NC 1 C-0603 C6
6 4.7nH 1 3-0603 L1
7 6.8nH 2 3-0603 L2,L3
8 1.5PF 1 C-0603 C7
9 1PF 1 C-0603 C8
10 10PF 1 C-0603 C9
11 22k 1 3-0603 R1
12 16M 1 16m X
13 12PF 2 C-0603 C11,C12
14 HDR2X5 1 HDR2X5 P1
16 LED 2 L-0603 D1,D2
17 510R 2 3-0603 R2,R3



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