Watchdog Timer (555 based)

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A 555 based watchdog timer. The timer must be reset periodically (patting the dog). If this reset is not set, then the micro-controller patting it will be reset.

Info -


Watchdog Schematic

Watchdog PCB


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted LCSC
1 NE555DR U1 SOIC-8_150MIL 1 NE555DR TI LCSC Yes C7593
2 100nF C1 0805 1
3 Red LED1,LED2 LED-0805 2 E6C0805UR LCSC LCSC C2295
4 510R R1,R4,R5 0805 3
5 1M R2 0805 1
6 4.7k R3 0805 1
7 22uF C2 0805 1
8 2N3906S Q1 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 1 2N3906S-RTK/P KEC LCSC C14488
9 SOD4007 D1 SOD-123F 1 SOD4007 LCSC LCSC C18124


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Comments (2)

Lautaro Tourn Reply

Hi! I'm trying to simulate the circuit in Proteus but it does not work, neither in real life, are you shure this schematic is right?

lynxlabeling Reply

The circuit is taken from another source as referenced in the Notes. I have not tested it yet myself, so no I am not sure the schematic is correct. You may want to compare to the original reference. If you find an error in my schematic, let me know and I will correct it.

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