Arduino Nano 3.2

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I made this schematic for the Arduino Nano 3.2 to be as close as possible to the official schematic found here. I chose similar components as on the official Nano. This does mean the schematic is a bit weird, as the resistors, for example, are merged into resistor arrays, meaning I had to make some jumps to the arrays. The PCB dimensions and the headers should be accurate enough to make measurements for a housing or Nano compatible board (provided as-is though), however, most measurements with component placement have been eyeballed. I also didn't map the traces, so some identical components might be swapped from their actual place on the board. I needed the schematic for a project, and thought I might as well share.

To be clear, I am in no way affiliated with Arduino.


Arduino Nano 3.2 Schematic

Arduino Nano 3.2 PCB


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part
1 c3ea0f04045a57b4ed605f24deecdb76 U5 SSOP-28_208MIL 1 LCSC FTDI FT232RL-REEL C8690
2 1e6dc5c709a6489a963cb082ca45e94b F1 1812 1 LCSC BOURNS MF-MSMF050-2 C17313
3 fa33d4808b42d46b96893a5da4a98304 U2 TQFP-32_7X7X08P 1 LCSC MICROCHIP ATMEGA328P-AU C14877
4 b8b514e23d69468085f86a211b74be84 U1 SOT-223 1 LCSC TI LM1117IMPX-5.0/NOPB C41202
5 785015d00e024ecf890da3c7754f9b72 D1 DO-220AA(SMP) 1 LCSC Vishay Intertech SS2P4-M3/84A C222485
6 798d338ecc35f17f69de553775e18bf4 H3 HDR-TH_6PIN-V-ROW2-COL3-MALE-PITCH2.54 1 LCSC BOOMELE Header-Male-2.54_2x3 C65114
7 d81ceb6e34884f4abc0c65fc0de793b8 H1,H2 DIP-1X15P-2.54MM-M 2 LCSC Ckmtw 210S-1*15P L=11.6MMGold-plated black C124373
8 f042950185574e4991e9cc2e207081a5 SW2 SKRKAEE020 1 LCSC ALPS SKRKAEE020 C115357
9 faca0e2160e441c7507ea2e9d6218228 RP2,RP1 0603_X4 2 LCSC UniOhm 4D03WGJ0102T5E C20197
10 250ad6dd15b5891070533638a1091211 C11,C12 CASE-A_3216 2 LCSC AVX TAJA475K020RNJ C7188
11 8bc283f2d24b5269e9369128130eb858 C3,C7,C13,C14 0603 4 LCSC WTC 0603B104K160 C80516
12 6911daec8e0e4c88b9c4307775d07719 X1 3213 1 LCSC MuRata CSTCE16M0V53Z-R0 C91585
13 71726bc9ba94d6eb14c382f09bf26e37 LEDTX LED-0603 1 LCSC NATIONSTAR FC-D1608HOK-600H C84269
14 25a90e9f01804798af50ca30e51f0e21 LEDRX,LEDPWR,LEDBUILTIN LED-0603 3 LCSC Orient ORH-G36G C205443
15 637415f70eb949abfaeba2abe658ee9b C1,C2,C4 0603 3 LCSC SAMSUNG CL10A105KB8NNNC C15849
16 093f5d76db744fb7a7fb649d47817c5e USB2 67503-1020 1 LCSC MOLEX 67503-1020 C136451


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