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Electric Fence Car Ignition Coil Driver

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Electric fence with car bobin made for sheep.

Maximum input voltage is 15V (Limited by 555 timer chip, voltage on the chip is actually lower for 1v because of forward voltage drop of the diode but anyways keep within 15V because its not good to push components to their limits)

No input reverse polarity protection, if you reverse polarity on input 220uF capacitor will blow up and probably mosfets too with their protection diode... Be careful.

Never operate this cricuit without connecting earth ground to EGND pad. Firstly connect the ground then power up the circuit.

Do not solder both mosfets! Chose one, Q1 or Q2, never both at same time! On T1-0 and T1-1 you should connect car ignition coil. If you are planning on using Q2 mosfet then you should add back emf protection diode on ignition coil. IRFP460 should handle it without back emf protection diode.

Circuit operates at around 600Hz, you can change the frequency by changing value of 2.2uF capacitor or resistors R1 R2 and R3 R4. Duty cycle should be less than 50% but swapping R1 R2 with R3 R4 will reverse it. You can populate just one resistor of R1 and R2 or R3 and R4.





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 1N4007 D4,D1 DO-41_BD2.4-L4.7-P8.70-D0.9-RD 2
2 IRFP460PBF Q1 TO-247AC-3_L15.8-W5.0-P5.46-L 1
3 220nF C7,C6 CAP-TH_L17.0-W7.0-P15.00-D1.2 2
4 220uF C5 CAP-TH_BD6.3-P2.50-D1.0-FD 1
5 100nF C1 CAP-TH_L4.2-W3.8-P5.08-D0.6 1
6 WIREPAD_WIREPAD3,81/1,3 T1-0,+12V,T1-1,0V,EGND WIREPAD_3,81/1,3 5
7 47uF C4 CAP-TH_BD5.0-P2.00-D0.8-FD 1
8 10nF C2 CAP-TH_L4.9-W3.7-P5.08-D0.5 1
9 NE555N U1 DIP-8_L9.8-W6.6-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 1
10 2.2uF C3 CAP-TH_BD4.0-P1.50-D0.8-FD 1
11 1.3K R4,R1 RES-TH_BD2.4-L6.3-P10.30-D0.6 2
12 IRF3205PBF Q2 TO-220-3_L10.0-W4.5-P2.54-L 1
13 1N4148 D3,D2 DO-35_BD2.0-L4.0-P8.00-D0.5-FD 2
14 470 R5 RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 1
15 10K R6 RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 1
16 7.5K R3,R2 RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 2




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