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PWM Driver for LED

2 years ago 1419
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Skinny PWM driver board to control brightness of high power LEDs.


LED Driver

LED PWM board


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier Part
1 10n C1,C3,C4,C5 RAD-0.1 4
2 555_BJT_EE U1,U2 DIP8 2
3 10k R1,R3 RES-ADJ_3386P 2
4 100 R6,R4 AXIAL-0.3 2
5 1000 R2,R5 AXIAL-0.3 2
6 1N4148 D1,D2,D3,D4 DO-35 4 1N4148 LCSC ST C14516
7 Header-Male-2.54_1x1 L-,L+,L.-,LD+ HDR-1X1/2.54 4 Header-Male-2.54_1x1 LCSC LCSC C81276
8 1n C2,C6 RAD-0.1 2
9 PSMN2R1-40PL Q1,Q2 TO220H 2 PSMN2R1-40PL LCSC IR C2567
10 LED256_AllElec. LED1,LED2 LED-3MM/2.54 2 204-10UYC/S530-A3 LCSC EVERLIGHT C73643
11 5 AC 0 0 V1,V2 HDR1X2 2




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