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AC Detector

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Outputs a logic high on AC mains detection and a logic low on AC mains loss, the idea is to have a choice between using an ADC and this to do it. However this is a highly experimental circuit with no history in the field for safety and durability, being a mains voltage project it is NOT recommended as a NOVICE project.

As can be seen the circuit has a very clean response. On power resumption the capacitative dropper and rectifier steps down 230 volts AC to 30V DC. The detection of AC ON is 10ms while detection of power loss is 20ms which is at par with many ADC based solutions , whether this is good enough as part of a Uninterruptible power supply solution or not depends on application area.Although this circuit is patent worthy no such patent has been filed by MODULAR DESIGN and is shared as CC




ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 1K R6 RES-TH_BD3.3-L9.0-P13.00-D0.6 1 MFR1WSFTE52-1K YAGEO LCSC C172926
2 39uF C2 CAP-TH_BD6.3-P2.50-D1.0-FD 1 16SEP39M PANASONIC LCSC C242096
3 LED-0603_R LED1 LED0603_RED 1 19-217/R6C-AL1M2VY/3T EVERLIGHT(台湾亿光) LCSC C72044
4 1M R8 RES-TH_BD2.4-L6.3-P10.30-D0.6 1 MFR50SFTE52-1M YAGEO LCSC C173145
5 4.7uF C4 CAP-TH_BD5.0-P2.00-D0.8-FD 1 50YXF4R7MEFC5X11 Rubycon LCSC C88759
6 BC557BTA Q6 TO-92-3_L4.8-W3.7-P2.54-L 1 BC557BTA ON Semiconductor LCSC C512874
7 BC547BTA Q4,Q5 TO-92-3_L4.8-W3.7-P2.54-L 2 BC547BTA ON Semicon LCSC C258144
8 4N35_C506472 U3 DIP-6_L7.3-W6.5-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 1 4N35 Vishay Intertech LCSC C506472
9 5x20 BLX-Atype Fuse holder XC-7 F2 FUSE-TH_L22.6-W9.0 1 5x20 BLX-Atype Fuse holder XC-7 XCFuse LCSC C3131
10 2.7K R4,R5 RES-TH_BD3.3-L9.0-P13.00-D0.6 2 MFR1WSJT-52-2K7 YAGEO LCSC C176423
11 1N4148_C258182 D1,D2,D3 DO-35_BD2.0-L4.0-P8.00-D0.5-FD 3 1N4148 ON Semicon LCSC C258182
12 DB126V-5.0-2P U2,U4,U5 CONN-TH_2P-P5.00_L7.8-W10.0 3 DB126V-5.0-2P DIBO LCSC C395849
13 4.7K R2 RES-TH_BD3.3-L9.0-P13.00-D0.6 1 MFR1WSFTE52-4K7 YAGEO LCSC C172952
14 5.1K R3 RES-TH_BD3.3-L9.0-P13.00-D0.6 1 MFR1WSFTE52-5K1 YAGEO LCSC C172955
15 LM741CN U7 DIP-8_L9.8-W6.6-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 1 LM741CN TI LCSC C13974
16 47nF C1,C3 CAP-TH_L18.0-W8.5-P15.00-D1.2 2 MEY473K275A01 TENTA LCSC C9063
17 DF10M-E3/45 D8 DIO-BG-TH_DFM 1 DF10M-E3/45 Vishay Intertech LCSC C125881
18 220 R1 AXIAL-15.5X5.0 1 MFR3WSJT-73-220R YAGEO LCSC C176605


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modulardesign Reply

Here is the power ON and power OFF behaviour

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