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FL5150 with Dual Opto

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FL5150 IC driving MOSFETs for dimming. Supports Leading and Trailing dimming. Input signal is from a PWM that is then filtered with an RC and fed via an op-amp to a dual optocoupler. One of the optocoupler outputs is fed back to the op-amp in order to adjust the output to manage a 10uA current required across the RVO resistor to provide the DIM control pin with 0-2.7V.


FL5150 Schematic

FL5150 Circuit


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 680 RIN1,RIN2 R0805 2
2 820K RSEN1_1,RSEN2_1,RSEN2_2,RSEN1_2 R1206 4
3 1K RGATE_1,RGATE_2 R0805 2
4 33K RP1,RP2 R0805 2
5 Header-Male-2.54_1x3 H1,H2 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V 2
6 VB02-T2S03 PWR PWRM-TH_VB02-T2S03 1
7 33K R1_1,R1_2 R2512 2
8 100nF C1_1,C1_2,CF3,CF4,CF5,CF6 C0603 6
9 FL5150 U1,U2 SOIC10-1.0-5X4MM 2
10 270K RVO1,RVO2 R0805 2
11 MOCD217R2M U4,U6 SOIC-8_L5.0-W4.0-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 2
12 22nF CGATE_1,CGATE_2 C0805 2
13 1.2M RZC_1,RZC_2 R1206 2
14 MST 2A 250V F1 FUSE-TH_L8.4-W4.3-P5.08-D1.0 1
15 10uF CPWR C1206 1
16 4.7uF C2_1,C2_2 CAP-SMD_L3.2-W1.6-R-RD 2
17 MMBTA44 Q3_1,Q3_2 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.6-P1.90-LS2.8-BR 2
18 100pF CF1,CF2 C0603 2
19 Load LOAD1,LOAD2 PAD 2
20 Neutral NEUTRAL PAD 1
21 Live LIVE PAD 1
22 M7_C95872 D1,D2 DO-214AC_L4.3-W2.7-LS5.3-RD 2
23 1uF CP1,CP2 C0805 2
24 MCP6001UT-I/OT U3,U5 SOT-23-5_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 2
25 FCPF250N65S3L1 Q1_1,Q2_1,Q1_2,Q2_2 TO-220-3_L10.0-W4.5-P2.54-L 4
26 180K R2_1,R2_2 R1206 2
27 A2005HWV-6P CN1 A2005HWV-6P 1
28 330K RVI1,RVI2 R0805 2




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Comments (1)

fastbike Reply

I see an isolation problem with the second output of the opto feeding back to the input circuit. The datasheet shows 0.050" Lead Spacing, which is not enough to achieve clearance/creepage compliance.
Is it possible to use two single channel optos per FL5150  to achieve the desired effect ?

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