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DC-DC Module TPS40057PWPR

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TPS40057 is a high voltage synchronous buck controller with a wide input voltage range (8V to 52V). TPS40057 has a high degree of design flexibility and can provide a variety of user-programmable functions, including soft start, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), operating frequency, voltage feedforward, high-side current limit, and loop compensation.

This design is to input 12-24V. Design 3A insurance and 28vTVS circuit.

Output 5.2V8A fixed voltage output. MLCC + Solid capacitor filter. Guaranteed output ripple

Use 1265 package inductance, 2 TO252 package low ciss Nmos. Ensure output current capability.

Both input and output are 5.08 binding posts.






DC-DC Module TPS40057PWPR

DC-DC Module TPS40057PWPR


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 51K R3 R0402 1 WR04X5102FTL WALSIN LCSC C163834
2 1K R6 R0402 1 WR04X1001FTL WALSIN LCSC C163815
3 4.7K R17 R0402 1 WR04X4701FTL WALSIN LCSC C163826
4 10uF C18,C17,C21,C20 C0805 4 CL21A106KAYNNNE SAMSUNG LCSC C15850
5 330uF C19,C16 CAP-SMD_BD6.3-L6.6-W6.6-FD 2 OVZ331M0JTR-0606 LELON LCSC C134881
6 12K R5,R4,R2 R0402 3 WR04X1202FTL WALSIN LCSC C163813
7 SMF28A D3 SOD-123F_L2.8-W1.8-LS3.7-RD 1 SMF28A MDD LCSC C123813
8 ORH-G36G LED1 LED0603-R-RD 1 ORH-G36G Orient LCSC C205443
9 330K R1 R0402 1 WR04X3303FTL WTC LCSC C168226
10 2.2nF C6 C0402 1 0402B222K500CT Huaxin S&T LCSC C338130
11 SMAJ5.0A_C266658 D2 SMA_L4.4-W2.8-LS5.4-RD 1 SMAJ5.0A CREATEK LCSC C266658
12 4A 63V-C140470 F1 F1206 1 - XC Elec(Shenzhen) LCSC C140470
13 10uF C11,C12 C1206 2 CGA5L3X5R1H106KT0Y0N TDK LCSC C338079
14 1uF C4,C5,C10 C0603 3 0603F105M500NT FH LCSC C108343
15 IRFR1018EPBF Q1,Q2 TO-252-2_L6.6-W6.1-P4.57-LS9.9-BR-CW 2 IRFR1018EPBF Infineon LCSC C500527
16 SS34_C83961 D1 SMA_L4.4-W2.8-LS5.4-RD 1 SS34 STARSEA LCSC C83961
17 75K R8 R0402 1 0402WGF7502TCE UniOhm LCSC C25798
18 100uF C14,C15,C9,C13 CAP-SMD_BD6.3-L6.6-W6.6-FD 4 RVT1E101M0607 HONOR LCSC C3338
19 100nF C2 C0603 1 0603B104K500CT Walsin Tech Corp LCSC C314282
20 150K R7 R0402 1 WR04X1503FTL WTC LCSC C168204
21 1nF C1 C0402 1 CL05B102KB5NNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C14442
22 15K R9 R0402 1 WR04X1502FTL WALSIN LCSC C163814
23 10uH L1 IND-SMD_L13.8-W12.6_MHCC12050 1 TMPC1265HP-100MG-D TAITEC LCSC C305223
24 10nF C8 C0402 1 0402B103J160 Huaxin S&T LCSC C152817
25 KF127-5.08-2P J2,J1 CONN-TH_P5.08_KF127-5.08-2P 2 KF127-5.08-2P Cixi Kefa Elec LCSC C474906
26 100pF C3 C0402 1 0402N101J500CT Huaxin S&T LCSC C301962
27 22pF C7 C0402 1 0402CG220J500NT FH LCSC C1555
28 TPS40057PWPR U1 TSSOP-16_L5.0-W4.4-P0.65-LS6.4-BL-EP 1 TPS40057PWPR TI LCSC C27994


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Gerber_DC-DC Module
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