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STM32F103 'Blue Pill' Breakout Board

1 year ago 769
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This is a clone of this project:, thanks to @RandomThoughts. Cloned for playing around, and make my own board, you can check here:


BOB-32F103 Scheme

BOB-32F103 PCB


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 STM32 Blue Pill U1 STM32 BLUE PILL COPY 1
2 825c0c88aa1f400ba06b9d8ee5b25efc J1A M1X3 1
3 665186be04e144f3b164de1cb8a34314 JP1 SCREWTERMINAL-3.5MM-3 1
4 825c0c88aa1f400ba06b9d8ee5b25efc J2,J3 M1X3 2
5 825c0c88aa1f400ba06b9d8ee5b25efc J4 M1X3 1
6 825c0c88aa1f400ba06b9d8ee5b25efc J5,J6 M1X3 2
7 d9f6af6f87c7477b873ce43ea8657a94 JP7S,JP7GB,JP7GA,JP7V5,JP7V3 1X06_LOCK 5
8 323d9cd3913d4d71849b9c3595fb4afb JP11 1X04 1
9 d97a7f6fff144016b95536173e4ab01a JP9S,JP9GB,JP9V5,JP9GA,JP9V3 1X07 5
10 f3f01c3345734fe68cf9104b3832e021 JP10S,JP10G,JP10V3 1X03_LOCK 3
11 323d9cd3913d4d71849b9c3595fb4afb JP16 1X04 1
12 4c98fad8e165485e962afb817ac0242d JP2 1X02 1
13 d42a685c67ce463682b1be9ce52b9151 JP3 1X08 1
14 d9f6af6f87c7477b873ce43ea8657a94 JP14 1X06_LOCK 1
15 d42a685c67ce463682b1be9ce52b9151 JP4 1X08 1
16 d42a685c67ce463682b1be9ce52b9151 JP5 1X08 1
17 323d9cd3913d4d71849b9c3595fb4afb JP13 1X04 1
18 323d9cd3913d4d71849b9c3595fb4afb JP12 1X04 1
19 d42a685c67ce463682b1be9ce52b9151 JP6S,JP6GB,JP6V5,JP6GA,JP6V3 1X08 5
20 d42a685c67ce463682b1be9ce52b9151 JP8S,JP1GA,JP6V2 1X08 3
21 d9f6af6f87c7477b873ce43ea8657a94 JP15 1X06_LOCK 1
22 323d9cd3913d4d71849b9c3595fb4afb JP17 1X04 1
23 dac0f70f9bae156217e95c2973f4bb04 CR2032-BS-5-1 BATTERY-4 1
24 f3f01c3345734fe68cf9104b3832e021 JP1V5B,JP8GBB 1X03_LOCK 2
25 4c98fad8e165485e962afb817ac0242d JP1V5A,JP8GBA 1X02 2
26 37df0906e79d48539e4c8d8e181aca98 J1B M1X2 1




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Comments (2)

RandomThoughts Reply

Hi, R3bers

Many thanks for the interest in my blue pill breakout project,  please reply drop a me note (e.g. add a comment against the original design if you modify the documentation (description/designs) so I can incorporate any builds in the original for the benefit of all under the OHL.

Kind regards

r3bers Reply

@RandomThoughts I doing my board on yours, because I don't need so many jumpers and additional power pins. Add some on elements on IO pins to drive open collector, and many things. And i I didn't like so thin traces in your project. You can check my board here —

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