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kxmx_nehcmeulb (Back PCB)

The kxmx_nehcmeulb is an inverted version of the kxmx_bluemchen\, an open source\, 4HP\, Eurorack module powered by the Electrosmith Daisy Seed.

The Daisy Seed is an embedded DSP development platform with an ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, High fidelity AKM stereo audio codec with up to 24-bit 192kHz, 64MB of SDRAM, and 8MB of flash memory. The Daisy Seed is a formidable platform which already powers a number of reputable Eurorack modules such as the Electrosmith Daisy Patch, the Qubit Surface, and the entire Noise Engineering Versio series.

The kxmx_nehcmeulb is a fully open source hardware design that attempts to expose as many capabilities of the Electrosmith Daisy Seed as possible, while remaining a compact 4HP wide. It features:

  • 1 rotary encoder with push-button function
  • 1 64x32 pixel OLED display
  • 2 potentiometers
  • 1 MicroSD card socket
  • 1 MIDI TRS output
  • 2 CV output
  • 2 Audio/CV input
  • 2 Audio output

These hardware features can be used, in combination with the open source software libraries, to create the module that's in your head.

Being built on the Electrosmith Daisy Seed, this module leverages the open source libDaisy library for simple, intuitive access to the hardware features.

The DaisySP library provides you with a rich selection of curated DSP building blocks such as:

  • Synthesis Methods: Subtractive, Physical Modeling, FM
  • Filters: Biquad, State-Variable, Modal, Comb
  • Dynamics: Compressor, Limiter, Crossfade
  • Effects Processors: Reverb, Delay, Decimate
  • Utilities: Math Functions, Signal Conditioning, Aleatoric Generators

If C++ is not your thing\, I'm working to make kxmx_nehcmeulb available as a target for oopsy - Which will allow you to export Max Gen\~ patcher to the kxmx_nehcmeulb hardware.

The kxmx_nehcmeulb is available as a built module or a DIY kit

I’ve put up a website and a registration form for anyone genuinely interested in buying a DIY kit or a module





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part Price
1 47pF C1,C5,C10,C11,C16,C17 C0603_MINIMAL 6 CL10C470JB8NNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C1671 0.0056
2 560pF C2,C6 C0603_MINIMAL 2 CL10C561JB8NNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C55393 0.0103
3 100uF C9,C18 CAP-TH_BD8.0-P3.50-D1.0-FD 2 50V 100uF 8X12 ValuePro LCSC C2749 0.0327
4 100nF C3,C4,C8,C12,C13,C14,C15,C19,C22,C25,C26,C27 C0603_MINIMAL 12 CC0603KRX7R9BB104 YAGEO LCSC C14663 0.0039
5 10uF C7,C20,C21,C23,C24 C1206_MINIMAL 5 CL31A106KBHNNNE Samsung Electro-Mechanics LCSC C13585 0.0491
6 B5819W_C8598 D2,D3 SOD-123_L2.8-W1.8-LS3.7-RD 2 B5819W CJ LCSC C8598 0.0466
7 Header-Male-2.54_2x3 J2 HDR-TH_6P-P2.54-V-R2-C3-S2.54 1 Header-Male-2.54_2x3 BOOMELE LCSC C65114 0.0278
8 Header-Male-2.54_1x3 J3 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V 1 Header2.54mm 1*3P BOOMELE LCSC C49257 0.0171
9 2.2uH L1,L2 L0805_MINIMAL 2 CMI201209U2R2KT FH LCSC C1043 0.0143
10 10K R2,R7,R15,R25 R0603_MINIMAL 4 0603WAF1002T5E Uniroyal Elec LCSC C25804 0.0014
11 1K R5,R10,R21,R27,R38,R39 R0603_MINIMAL 6 0603WAF1001T5E UniOhm LCSC C21190 0.0013
12 33K R12,R13 R0603_MINIMAL 2 0603WAF3302T5E UniOhm LCSC C4216 0.0017
13 200K R17,R19 R0603_MINIMAL 2 0603WAF2003T5E Uniroyal Elec LCSC C25811 0.0015
14 100K R1,R3,R4,R6,R8,R9,R11,R14,R16,R18,R20,R22,R24,R26,R31,R32,R34,R35,R45,R46 R0603_MINIMAL 20 0603WAF1003T5E UniOhm LCSC C25803 0.0014
15 2.2K R23 R0603_MINIMAL 1 0603WAF2201T5E Uniroyal Elec LCSC C4190 0.0014
16 33 R28,R29 R0603_MINIMAL 2 0603WAF330JT5E UniOhm LCSC C23140 0.0015
17 47K R33,R41,R42,R43,R44 R0603_MINIMAL 5 0603WAF4702T5E UniOhm LCSC C25819 0.0014
18 33K R30,R37 R0603_MINIMAL 2 0603WAF3302T5E UniOhm LCSC C4216 0.0017
19 49.9K R36,R40 R0603_MINIMAL 2 0603WAF4992T5E UniOhm LCSC C23184 0.0015
20 TL084CPWR U1,U2,U5,U6 TSSOP-14_L5.0-W4.4-P0.65-LS6.4-BL 4 TI TL074CPWR LCSC C96507 0.3348
21 B2405S-1WR2 U3 PWRM-TH_B2405S-1WR2 1 B2405S-1WR2 MORNSUN LCSC C91808 2.952
22 MCP6002T-I/SN U4 SOIC-8_L4.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1 MCP6002T-I/SN MICROCHIP LCSC C7377 0.4833
23 LM4040C10IDBZR U7 SOT-23-3_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.9-BR 1 LM4040C10IDBZR Texas Instruments LCSC C201738 0.3391


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