Constant current step up LED driver for LIPO/LION battery incl. charger

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LED driver for single lipo/lion cell with step up (5-28V, 1A) constant current (0.6A, 225mW dissipation) regulator, TP4056 charger (20-1000mA), over-/undervoltage protection (2.5V-4.3V) and a microcontroller.

The circuit output is 7-9.2V (R6+R11/R7) for 3 high power LEDs in series, constant current 30-35mA (R8). P9 needs to be connected to B+ (on) or GND (off). It can also be used to dim the LEDs with a >1.5V PWM signal. Charging current is ~16-18mA (R12). The circuit pulls 70-160mA out of the battery, depending on its voltage level. The battery is the limiting factor, otherwise the current regulator can handle 300mA and 3x1W LEDs without any problems.

The microcontroller U4 is optional. I am using it to display the battery charging status using P10 (see below for voltages) and the ADC, a battery indicator, PWM dimming and some other effects. In sleep mode the circuit draws ~2-3µA

Charger: TP4056

P10 voltage divider (4.2V battery): No power connected = Connected to VBattery only Standby = 2.1V pulsing 1x/s to 1.5V Charging = 1.1V Error = 0V pulsing 4x/s 2.1V

Over/undervoltage protection: DW01-P FS8205A

Step up: MT3608

Constant current: 2xMMBT2222

Microcontroller: ATTINY85 @ 1MHz

Battery: Lipo 55mAh 401120 3.7V 55mAh

LEDs: 3x3528 cold white

PCB: 1 or 2 layer. Made to be cut from copper foil and glued onto kapton tape. 1 layer requires one connection from R9 to P4.


TP4056 DW01 FS8205A MT3608

LED step up constant current driver with one cell charger copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_LCSC Assembly BOM_Supplier Part
1 TP4056 U1 SOP-8 1 LCSC TOPPOWER TP4056 Yes C16581
2 68K (19mA) R12 0805R 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0805B130KN9 C351613
3 R400 R1 0805 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0805B130KN9 C351613
4 DW01-P U2 SOT-23-6 1 DW01-P
5 FS8205A Q1 TSSOP-8_3X4.4X065P 1 LCSC FORTUNE FS8205A Yes C16052
6 100nF C3 0805-CAP 1
7 B+ P3 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
8 OUT+ P4,P7 PAD-100X55-RRECT 2
9 OUT- P6,P8 PAD-100X55-RRECT 2
10 B- P5 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
11 5V+ P1 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
12 5V- P2 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
13 10uF C6 1206-CAP 1
14 22uF C7,C1 1206-CAP 2
15 5.6K R2 0805R 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
16 10K R3,R10 0805R 2 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
17 1K R4,R8 0805R 2 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
18 100R R5 0805R 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
19 MT3608 U3 SOT-23-6 1 LCSC AEROSEMI MT3608 C84817
20 ATtiny85-15ST U4 SOP-8 1
21 EN P9 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
22 VLEDS P10 PAD-100X55-RRECT 1
23 4.7uH L1,L2 PAD-100X55-RRECT 2
24 PB0 PB0,PB1,PB2,PB3,PB4,PB5 PAD-100X55-RRECT 6
25 IR67-21C/TR8(GDB) D1,D4,D5 LED_PLCC2_3528 3 LCSC Everlight Elec IR67-21C/TR8(GDB) C131226
26 PAD100-RND P11,P12,P13,P14 PAD-100-RND 4
27 27R R6 0805R 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
28 68R R7 0805R 1 LCSC ResistorToday PTFR0402B4K70N9 C351695
29 ZENER 22V ZD1 SOD-323F 1
30 SD103CWS S6 D2 SOD-323 1 LCSC CJ SD103CWS S6 C22639


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