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RC2014 Z80 SIO

SC104 v1.0 Z80 SIO/2 for RC2014

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SC104 v1.0 (

Z80 Serial Input/Output (SIO/2) module for RC2014


  • Full Z80 mode 2 interrupt support (IEI/IEO daisy-chain)
  • Compatibility option for both register orders used by RC2014
  • Two TTL serial ports for use with FTDI serial adpter cables
  • Source of bus clock (option) to potentially reduce board count
  • On-board clock option to make it independent of the CPU clock
  • Baud rate controllable in software when used with SC102 Z80 CTC

See attached User Guide for full details


SC104 v1.0 SIO/2

SC104 v1.0 SIO/2


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted LCSC Mouser
1 100nF C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 CAP-RAD-2.54MM 5 Yes
2 INTEN P4 HDR-1X02-A-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
3 Port A P2 HDR-1X06-A-M-2.54MM 1 LCSC Yes C66509
4 Port B P3 HDR-1X06-A-M-2.54MM 1 LCSC Yes C66509
5 100k R12,R9,R11,R10 RES-0.3 4 Yes
6 2k2 R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8 RES-0.3 8 Yes
7 PwrA JP3 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
8 PwrB JP4 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
9 Z80 SIO/2 U2 PDIP-40-0.6 1 Yes
10 RC2014 BUS P1A HDR-1X20-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
11 CLKX X1 PDIP-08/14 1 Yes
13 8x10k RP1 SIL-9 1 Yes
14 74HCT688 U1 PDIP-20 1 Mouser Yes 595-CD74HCT688E
15 Compatibility P5 HDR-1X05-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
16 CLKA JP5 HDR-2X03-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
17 CLKB JP6 HDR-2X03-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
18 IEI JP1 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
19 IEO JP2 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
20 RC2014 BUS P1 HDR-1X39-A-M-R-2.54MM 1 Yes
21 TX JP7 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
22 RX JP8 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
23 TX2 JP9 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
24 RX2 JP10 HDR-1X02-S-M-2.54MM 1 Yes
25 74HCT04 U3 PDIP-14 1 Yes


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