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Solder Mask concern

...or the first time just recently.. Hi Martin, Sorry but I don't know if the soldermask spacing has changed. Maybe ask Support directly?. [email protected] @martin We didn't change the solder mask spacing. thanks.

Cheap PCB Manufacturer - JLCPCB VS Seeedstudio

Cheap PCB Manufacturer - JLCPCB VS Seeedstudio for manufacturing defects. The white silkscreen contrasts well with the soldermask and flux residue cleans up well leaving a professional looking board. Don’t be so quick to dismiss green as your choice of colour because if your board routing is a work of art then green might just be the best ...

solder mask layer question

...files tomorrow. It would be very nice if this would override the automatic soldermask and make it possible to make NSMD pads..

Designing PCB adapter: SSOP20/30 to DIP20/30. Need a Glancing over, plz

...ey still need to be checked against the TI recommended footprints (for non-soldermask defined (NSD) pads, which is what EasyEDA uses unless otherwise specified).. Thanks Andy. I'll make the adjustments you recommend. Learning how to do all this PCB designing is almost as cryptic as learning a progra...

The Cheapest PCB Prototype - JLCPCB

The Cheapest PCB Prototype - JLCPCB clean you can deduct the schematics at glance. holes perfectly aligned, soldermask good alignment on both sides, silkscreen has a small offset 3.Solder Pad to Trace Connections We know that the asymmetry of a qualified board should be avoided in the trace and connected solder pads A...

first time PCB maker project advice?

...f it's good. I don't know what the next steps are. I think I need to add soldermask? Thanks!. The circuit outputs are a .25W LED and audio to a .5W speaker. The input is a capacitive-touch antenna. It is powered by a 6V 2CR1/3n battery. I didn't find this battery in the part search do you know ...

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