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How to export board image as a large image.

... x 3" board. I would like to print it on a full page on my printer. When I export it as pdf, it has a lot of unused space in the .pdf file. I have tried to reduce the PCB canvas size to the board size, but it will not go smaller than 12000 x 12000 mils. When I export as an image, it has such low res...

Getting Started with EasyEDA Part 3: PCB Layout

Getting Started with EasyEDA Part 3: PCB Layout

blog,PCB Layout,PCB design,circuit design. . Exporting Schematic to PCB Last week, we finished creating our schematic. In your schematic, click on the Convert Project to PCB… button. You should be presented with an initial board outline and your components connected by air wires. Note that we wi...

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