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LOWER DIODE (Footprint/Package: LOWER DIODE)



HDMI - pin Lower (Footprint/Package: HDMI LOWER PIN)



Solder Lower End (Footprint/Package: Lower solder end)

Solder Lower End Lower solder end


Type Schematic suffix lower case: Properties > Custom Attributes always UPPER CASE

In the Schematic canvas, entering a lower case suffix, for example a period of 2u in a PULSE source, the suffix is always converted into upper case in Properties > Custom Attributes => 2U If an attribute with an upper case suffix is just clicked on without edit...

dy is negated in WaveForm!

BUG Concise problem statement: Click and drag of WaveForm cursor from lower left to upper right shows dy is negative. This is wrong: dragging WaveForm cursor from lower left to upper right should show dy as positive. Steps to reproduce bug: Run transient sim; Click and drag WaveForm cursor lower ...

V1D1JHHB (Footprint/Package: DIP)


. SPST 8: Upper light Neg(-) 7: Lower light Neg(-) 2: Incoming from power source 3: Outgoing - to relay, accessory, or equip. 6: Lower light Pos(+)

V2D2UCTB (Footprint/Package: DIP)


. SPST On/Off, Momentary 7: Neg(-) for upper light 8: (Pos(+) for upper light 2: Incoming 3: Outgoing 10: Pos(+) for lower light 09: Neg(-) for lower light

Plase Help. Components of the lower layer and the upper layer track.

Components of the lower layer and the upper layer track. This can be seen in the picture. Prompt please gentlemen professionals how to fix it. ![enter image description here][1]For earlier, thank you very much. [1]: /editor/20180207/5a7a054322597.JPG. HI Click the track and change its layer at the r...

ESP8266 Battery Shield

ESP8266 Battery Shield

...e only power used is that from the ESP8266 itself. This shield does have a lower power buck converter to protect the ESP8266 from excessive voltages from the battery, limiting the max voltage to 3.3v, but allowing lower voltage than that. For more info on the idea, see this article (with comments) ...

Peltier device

Peltier device

...VDC. The module has four programs that it runs. To activate them it raises/lowers voltage by 1.0 VDC on a single signal wire at a time. For example. 2.5v resting on the positive signal wire then raise voltage to 3.5v that signals an activation until voltage is returned back to 2.5v. And if voltage i...

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