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Replace part in schematic

Feature Request Brief title for your desired feature: Add ability to replace an existing component in the schematic with another part. How would you like the feature to work? In the 'Parts Attributes' panel, add a button to replace the part. The button will open the parts manager where the user wil...

Replace an updated part

I have a completed pcb, but I want to replace a updates part? How do I do that with deleting and rewiring the new park.



. Spring loaded slide switch use for replacement part in NDSLs.similar to JSM08022SAQNR switches sold by Mouser. 11x3x2mm

Replace component

Replace would be nice. For instance, if I have 6003 size SMD parts that I want to change to 0805 ones, I have to delete them all and add them again manually. EAGLE has a 'replace' command, I'd love to see it in Easy EDA. . EasyEDA package replace will be 100X better than eagle, the new function will...



. Fairchild replacement part for MTD3055E. Power MOSFET.

replace components

...ator. I had to use an OR gate and an inverter, where I went wrong? I would replace the components of eayeda library with real component but the circuit does not work. how do I know if the component that I take are associated parameters for the simulation? thank you. ### Fixing your circuit: https://...

components replace

...ate nor but this still does not work. I followed your instructions for the replacement of components, but I'm lost. help me, let's take a practical example. I would replace the 74hc73 with cd4027. but the ones I found did not turn the simulation. where did I go wrong?. The only logic parts that run ...

Change standard values

...SC Parts library you must delete the component with the old value and then replace it with the new part. This will then pull in all the correct LCSC ordering information..

Is it possible to replace packages on PCB?

... the same board. Am i able to somehow change package type of part i use or replace parts itself to smd versions without losing all my netlist?. Hi Eugene, your IC on schmatic ,click package what package you need schematic and update to PCB. ![enter image description here][2]...

Controlling 2 motor power window with 4-Channel Relay Module via Bluetooth

Controlling 2 motor power window with 4-Channel Relay Module via Bluetooth

...omatic swing gate. we use relay and limit switch as the mechanical part to replace the encoder of motor. . using the Arduino UNO-R3, we can control the automatic swing gate. we use relay and limit switch as the mechanical part to replace the encoder of motor. .

Part attribute descriptions in libraries

...fy it, but you modify it again. EE don't support cooperation. So your save replace my save. Add a user para. nameAlias Model So, Name will be replace Model.. Oops! Sorry about that. I will have to be more careful about working in the example login! "Add a user para. nameAlias Model So, Name will be...

Commodore 64 replacement power supply

Commodore 64 replacement power supply

C64,Commodore,Replacement PSU,Overvoltage protector,Overvoltage clamp. . How to connect up two built and tested EasyEDA projects to build a complete replacement 5VDC and 9VAC power supply for the Commodore 64. The design uses the EasyEDA Automotive 12V to USB 5V 2A output power adapter and Precision...

Cruise Control

Cruise Control

. . This is a replacement board for the Hella 5GA 004 397-12 Cruise Control ECU as used in the Land rover Discovery 1 with part number AMR 1173. The original Hella units were not very reliable due to poor quality soldering. This problem was the same for other similar Hella units of that era. The boa...

Which schematic parts have spice models? in Anonymous mode, I wanted to replace the default npn transistors with different ones that had spice models. So I did: Find Libraries... and found that there is a 2N3904 in the System libs. The trouble is that there is no way to tell if this part has a s...

Finding an IC that EasyEDA can supply for my application

Hi, I am struggling to find a suitable IC which I can replace my 16x MOSFET & 2 shift register combo with to reduce weight, size and cost. I am looking for a part which can be supplied by EasyEDA. Currently I am building with the TLC6C598 but i...

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