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Add pad number on pad in PCB lib editor Request Brief title for your desired feature: Like network name in PCB editor, add pad number in PCB lib editor How would you like the feature to work? display pad number on pad. Why is this feature important to you? Save a lot time in checking footprint . Thanks. Will add this soon. It is done,...

Need move command in PCB layout and PCB lib editor

Feature Request Brief title for your desired feature: Currently I can not move a component or a group of component by enter XY delta value. How would you like the feature to work? There should be a command that open a dialog box and I can enter X Y value to move components. Why is this feature impo...

Copy and paste in PCB lib editor result in erratic pin number

...e file when using CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste the footprint in the editor canvas. If the EasyEDA Source file itself is copied and pasted then the new PCB footprint has the same pin numbering as the original and the EasyEDA Source fie is not corrupted..

Edit package in PCB lib

...kage that is with in the PCB lib but with no luck ![Edit package][1] [1]: /editor/20171006/59d787cb40348.png. Please see: Andyfierman thank you. It solve my case..

Add the possibility of editing a component PCB lib on the fly

... lib" option in the Edit menu that would take the component to the PCB lib editor and when I save it, instead of saving it to my parts catalog (or in addition to saving it to my parts catalog) it would automatically update the component on my PCB. Doing so would be very useful since at the moment, w...

switch units in 'new PCB Lib'; Units > select mil/inch/mm ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /editor/20170126/5889c9ff992de.png. thanks. i didn't see that before, and i looked there. maybe i had something selected..

in PCB lib design, track and measure tool can not be quitted.

...e. Steps to reproduce bug: open a part in pcb lib editor select track tool press ESC has no effect. Results: Expected results: Browser: Chrome. PCB layout editor don't have such problem. You should be able to exit the track or measure mode by pressing ESC, so this is a bu...

Ruler reference changed on my custom PCB Lib parts

...use we add a user define origin. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /editor/20160427/57204a9b6326c.png. Fixed, please refresh your editor to V3.4.10. Fixed. Thank you..

Auto create tool for pads in PCB Lib Editor

Having to align pads by mouse or by inputting x/y values for each pad is not very productive. I should be able to place a single pad, then select a tool and input number of rows and columns of pads and horizonal and vertical pitch and have the pads copied, placed and auto-numbered. Pitch should supp...

Customize PCB Lib from Library

...Convert Project to PCB... button: ![enter image description here][2] [2]: /editor/20160922/57e2e8275987c.png. Thanks Andyfierman. That was the hint I was looking for :).

PCB Lib: Cannot draw outline

...built earlier. Browser: Chrome Version 50.0.2661.94 m. EasyEDA 3.5.1 [1]: /editor/20160515/5738140d7f50d.png. Thanks, the new version cause this problem, will fix it soon.. Understood. Looking forward to the new, new version! a. 3.5.2 fixed this issue. Eric: Thank you!.

How to edit an existing PCB Lib

How to edit an existing PCB Lib

...) Next, click on Edit. The PCB Lib will open the footprint in the PCB Libs editor: 7) Make whatever changes required then Save it. 8) Then go to: Document > EasyEDA Source... to open the EasyEDA Source Editor window and edit a new name for the contributor and enter the new package name between ...

Creating PCB Lib, Problem with Tracks

...missing. So my question is how can i prevent tracks from disapperring? 2: /editor/20170731/597e27757bc52.PNG. Hi, That is normal behavior at present, at next big upgrade, we will provide the different way for track routing. For this issue, You can; 1. 2.Draw one new track but the end point does...

Sancho_11 (Settings)

...Gerber, Order) - what’s that, visible but not?. PIN is for schematic lib editor, you should create a schematic lib file, then you can find it. Gerber is for PCB. you should create a PCB file, then you can find it. Order is for PCB. you should create a PCB file, then you can find it.. OK, thanks....

Outlines disappear in part editor when moved

BUG Concise problem statement: In the part editor, when multiple traces are selected, if down is pressed, they disappear. Undo does not bring them back. Steps to reproduce bug: Select multiple outlines in parts view. Press down. Cry. Results: Lines disappear and cannot be retrieved with undo. Ex...

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