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Can Sch and PCB lib merged together?

...a part and update it to PCB directly. However when I build my own part and footprint. They are separated. For another user he need to save footprint in his account again to make it work. Is there a way to avoid it?. Then key thing is that all symbols and footprints are public. As soon as you have m...

wrong language on button

... go there: 1.In "Project", "module" I see list with #,User component, SCH/Footprint,.....EDIT 2.Click "Edit" Results: "Edit component" dialog that can change title/description, the green button has two chinese characters. Expected results: english "OK" , or "Save" ? Browser: Chromium.

Card Edge Connector with Gold Fingers

...asyEDA is flexible enough to allow you to easily create your own symbol or footprint either by editing an existing part or from scratch. :). Andyfierman, Here is what I would like for you to try. Create a Project. Create a Schematic Search for "HDR2X25_numbered_by_row" Insert that in your Schematic ...

Filter components by value and/or package size

...ited use, it is possible to search only for a symbol or only for a package/footprint. For example in the filter entry below: AXIAL doctype:pcb the filter term: doctype:pcb will just search for a PCB package with the name AXIAL. Similarly, the filter term: doctype:sch will just search for components...

FPC 35 Pin

...given enough information. Are you looking for a Schematic Symbol or a PCB Footprint (Package)? What pin pitch? Orientation? Manufacturer or supplier part number, datasheet? Some examples here:

Lock Component on PCB Layout

...t.. Hello, The holes are defined in my schematics and have an attached pcb footprint. I will check every thing Rds. Can you make a copy of your project public or share it privately with me at See Sharing in the Tutorial for how to.. Hello, I found the issue. At the beginning I got 2 SCh...

Importing Eagle Sparkfun pcb problem

...pening. I had 3 MCP4725, 2 of them are from adafruit and I´ve found their footprint boards in the easyead. The other one is a MCP4527 from Sparkfun. At the sparkfun website, I´ve downloaded the Eagles files .sch and .brd file. I tried to make it as new component in my library, but I don´t know ho...

Introduction to EasyEDA - Tutorial

...spice compatibility) - [Kicad]( (footprint libraries) - Spice models and subcircuits - Symbol creation and editing - Multi-sheet and Hierarchical schematics (passive drawings and active simulation schematics) - Spice subcircuit creation - WaveForm...

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