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Auto routing problem

...1.JPG. Hi, I got the problem your arduino 2560 package is not right, after convert to PCB, there is a package error message . So you need to check the package pad number. 1 - > 1 Please check the help file 1: /editor/20170607/59379b5b9e9d...

track in the generated pcb that doesn't exist in the schematic

...tatement: Steps to reproduce bug: 1. create project 2. create schematic 3. convert to pcb Results: LM324N pin 3 was joined to pin 9 of same IC. Expected results: pin 3 not joined to pin 9 Browser:|7e0f412f316346608fafb70dddaecf79|541c3c3a...

From Idea to PCB: an EasyEDA Design Procedure

From Idea to PCB: an EasyEDA Design Procedure

...roject_for_EDN_Simulation_schematic-eg93lfxPJ Followed by the same circuit converted into a Non-Simulation Project: From Non-Simulation Schematic to PCB Once the Non-Simulation Schematic has been created then the procedures desc...

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