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Top to bottom swap in successive PCB module placements

... swap traces top to bottom layers but leave SMD pads on top layer. (Layout mirrors left to right). See: for a workaround for this swapping. Also: reference designators (prefixes) increment correctly but net names are unchang...

C_meter ATtiny2313

C_meter ATtiny2313

...nnel. They are also multi-turn. Transistors Q1 and Q2 operate in a current mirror. They are responsible for charging the tested capacitor constant current. To improve their thermal stability, joined them by heat-shrink. Q3 transistor discharges capacitor, which was measured. It is controlled from th...

How to go about designing a single-sided board that combines SMD and through-hole?

... EasyEda for this, I end up with either SMDs or Through hole parts mounted mirrored. I just use one layer, because I want my final PCB to be one layer... I then do a photo transfer and do it this way. I literally ALWAYS forget that the components get flipped and there is no indication of it anywhere...

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