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PCB muon detector

Schematics designed by Robert Hart:

Thanks to Robert Hart for his fantastic ideas, please check his site for further experiments:

This project uses 3 Geiger tubes to create a muon detector, it also uses a step up boost DC-DC to convert from 5V to 400V for Geiger tubes.

This main PCB has 3 led ouputs that connects other 3 PCB that holds a led to track the Muon pulse. The main PCB also has 3 outputs that send a 5v pulse when a muon arrives, this output is used to track the impact over an Arduino.

The other parts of the projects are:

BOM Summarized:

  • 1xStep-up DC-DC (5v to 400v)
  • 1xCapacitor 10uF - 450v Electrolitic
  • 1xCapacitor 100uF - 25V Electrolitic
  • 1xCapacitor 10uF - 25V Electrolitic
  • 1xCapacitor 100nF
  • 3xCapacitor 1nF
  • 3xCapacitor 10pF
  • 3xResistor 1MOhm 1/4w
  • 3xResistor 10MOhm 1w
  • 4xResistor 10KOhm 1/4w
  • 1xResistor 390 1/4W
  • 1xResistor 330 1/4W
  • 1xResistor 240 1/4W
  • 8xDiodes 1N914
  • 1xDiode Led 5mm
  • 15xClem connector
  • 3xGeiger Tubes (J308)
  • 1x74HC14 Logic NOR gate
  • 1x74HC02 Logic NAND gate
  • 6xDuPont Pins
  • 1xUSB Type B connector
  • 2xSlide switch
  • 1xResettable Fuse PTC RX50F (0.5-1A a 6VDC)
  • 1xLM317 DC-DC Converter Adjustable Linear Regulator Step Down





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part BOM_electronica embajadores
1 1N914_C125665 D1,D2,D5,D6,D7,D3,D4 DO-35F 7 LCSC SEMTECH 1N914 C125665
2 All Diodes 1N914 D8 DO-35F 1 LCSC SEMTECH 1N914 C125665
3 10uF - 450V C9 CAP-D12.5XF5.0 1 LCSC ValuePro 10uF 450V 13*20 C46886
4 10pF C6,C10,C11 CAP-DS-4.2*3.8 3 LCSC ReliaPro CC4-0805N100 J500 C3779
5 100nF C1,C5 RAD-0.2 2 LCSC LCSC 0.1UF(104) +-20% 63v C19355
6 1nF C2,C3,C8 CAP-HV-5.0*3.0 3 LCSC LCSC 102M2KV±20% C3711
7 1MOHM R4,R5,R6,R1,R2,R3,R8 AXIAL-0.3 7
8 74HC02 U4 DIP14 1
9 74HC14 U1 DIP14 1
10 CLEM CL11,CL12,CL13,CL10,CL7,CL6,CL5,CL1,CL4,CL2,CL3,CL14,CL15,CL9,CL8,CL16 CLEM_PCB_14MM_5,08MM_2_CONTACTS 16 CTNA5102
11 2Pin Dupont U8,U2,U3 2PIN DUPONT 3
12 USB-B 90° USB1 USB-B-2 1 LCSC LCSC USB-B 90° C26349
13 Switch U12,U14 SW1 2 NE5532P
14 PTC F1 PTC 1
15 100uF C4 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1 LCSC ValuePro 100uF 25V 6.3*11 C44589
16 LM317 U10 TO-220(TO-220-3) 1 LCSC LM317MABTG ON
17 390 R7 AXIAL-0.3 1
18 240 R9 AXIAL-0.3 1
19 330 R10 AXIAL-0.3 1
20 10uF C7 CAP-D5.0XF2.0 1 LCSC ValuePro 10uF 25V 5*11 C43347
21 5mm LED U15 5MM LED 1 5mm LED
22 10M - 1W RESISTOR R11,R12,R13 1W RESISTOR 3


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Comments (1)

ubergeek1812 Reply

Neat PCB layout. Like it. XD

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