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TinnyModBus reconfigurable atmel attiny85 mcu based micro-module that speaks modbus over rs485 two wires. It collects measurements locally from large variety of implemented sensors. It can be reprogrammed right on its own rs485 via it's own bootloader.

Can speak modbus with several sensors attached, uses a max487 to communicate Have it's own 500mA budget, ESD protected rs485 lines, and reverse-polarity protection Can read attached sensor data over 1wire, i2c, spi, but also could do gpio or adc Has its own bootloader that speaks modbus and can be reprogrammed right on rs485 wires Internal IC metrics like Vcc voltage and SOIC8 temperature are available It is designed to cost less than 4 USD

Use 4 wires (ideal twisted):

2x @ 12/24V remote power 2x @ A,B rs485

Connects sensors:

i2c (any from /devs drivers) 1wire (up to 32 18DS20 temperature sensors) or can do gpio or adc

~~ --- 12/24V --->|+|   TINNY MODULE   |DAT|>-----  DAT  ----> 1wire/DAT or i2c/SDA sensor(s)
~~~~~~~~~~~~>---   A    --->|A|                  |+5V|>-----  +5V  ----> 500mA max for sensors(s)
~~~~~~~~~~~~>---   B    --->|B|__________________|GND|>-----  GND  ----> ground






ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part BOM_LCSC Assembly
1 SM712 D1 SOT-23(SOT-23-3) 1 LCSC Yenji SM712 C127543 Yes
2 S1M D2 SMB(DO-214AA) 1 LCSC DYELEC S1M C84182 Yes
3 220uF C3,C5 CAP-SMD_BD8.0-L8.3-W8.3-L-FD 2 LCSC PANASONIC EEE1VA221UP C75384
4 5k R2 RES_1206 1 LCSC SANYEAR SYLE1206JN100RP C385916
5 120 R1 RES_1206 1 LCSC SANYEAR SYLE1206JN100RP C385916
6 Header-Male-2.54_1x2 T120 HDR-2X1/2.54 1 LCSC TE Connectivity 826629-2 C86471
7 10 R3,R4 RES_1206 2 LCSC SANYEAR SYLE1206JN100RP C385916
8 250 R5,R6 RES_1206 2 LCSC SANYEAR SYLE1206JN100RP C385916
9 100 R7,R8 RES_1206 2 LCSC SANYEAR SYLE1206JN100RP C385916
10 Header-Male-2.54_1x4 PROG DIP-1X4P-2.54MM-M 1 LCSC Ckmtw 210S-1*4P L=11.6MMGold-plated black C124378
11 MAX487ESA+T U2 SOIC-8_150MIL 1 LCSC MAXIM MAX487ESA+T C9953 Yes
12 ATtiny85-20SUR U4 SOP-8 1
13 78M05 U3 TO-252-2 1 LCSC SK 78M05 C111265 Yes
14 B A 24v RS485 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-4P 1 LCSC ReliaPro WJ2EDGVC-5.08-4P C8436
15 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-4P SENSORS WJ2EDGVC-5.08-4P 1 LCSC ReliaPro WJ2EDGVC-5.08-4P C8436
16 MOC3041SR2M U1,U5,U6 SOP-6-7.12X6.5 3 LCSC FAIRCHILD MOC3041SR2M C33904
17 BTA12-600BRG Q1,Q2,Q3 TO-220 3 LCSC STMicroelectronics BTA12-600BRG C10063




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