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737FMCCDU V3 copy

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I'm waiting for a new HDMI LCD to arrive before I finalize this design.

To Do

  • R30 relocated closer to Q6. DONE
  • Finally fixed bug with GPIO25 and GPIO24. 8-( DONE
  • Fixed Rotary Encoder not connected due to not being aligned to grid. 8-( DONE
  • Changed package for Q1-to-Q6 transistors to ones where the pads are further apart. Matches part from LCSC.
  • Added mounting holes for KYV-N5-V1 HDMI LCD Driver board.
  • Added mounting holes for 66.5 x 46.5 LVDS Driver Board (guestimated the position).
  • Added mounting holes for 65mm switch board.

Changes in V3.1

  • Pi is a bit too close to the power supply, hard to remove microSD. Fixed in V3.1.
  • Changed the package for the BC547 to that of the BC335. Just very slightly easier to solder. Fixed in V3.1.
  • R2 is on the wrong side of the board. Fixed in V3.1.
  • exec light should be below the exec button. Fixed in V3.1. Note: Button is moved slight higher, but should still work with the FMC 3D model.
  • DEALBREAKER: GPIO25 wrongly labelled as GPIO24 in V3.0, resulting in 16 dead keys. Fixed in V3.1.
  • Relocated all the backlight resistors and all the diodes to the area just below the screen. Easier to find, although the autorouter has a tougher time.
  • Shifted the mounting holes for the LCD driver to align it with the LCD ribbon cable position.
  • added two holes to zip-tie the VGA-HDMI adapter down.

Changes in V3.0

  • Added socket for Raspberry Pi Zero WH. You can either plug a Raspberry Pi Zero WH directly into this socket, or use a 40-pin IDC ribbon cable (if yo solder male pins) and extend it to any 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi model of your choice.
  • Added socket for MP1484 switching power supply module ( This can be set to step-down 12VDC to 5VDC, suitable for powering the Pi. With this you only need a single 12VDC power supply to power both the Pi and the Display.
  • Added output 12VDC power connector for the LCD Display.
  • Added pull-down resistors for the LED indicators, so are off on power up, until driven by the software.
  • Replaced the switches with LED Push buttons (, so we can backlight the keys. LEDs are driven by 12V with a resistor for every 3 LEDs. I've used the yellow version of the switches LEDs with Vf of 2.0V and 330R resistors. If you are using the white LEDs, replace them with 120R resistors.
  • Added software-controllable dimming control of button backlight, using the Pi's built-in PWM output.
  • Added Rotary-Encoder input to Pi, to control dimming.
  • Removed hole for LCD, it's easier to mount it with double sided tape.
  • Added mounting holes for LCD Driver under the PCB.


737FMCCDU V3.0 copy

The Matrix copy

Daughterboards copy

737FMCCDU V3.0 copy







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