Are you wondering to know how many times a person can donate the eggs?

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One of the questions which people generally ask is how many times they can donate the egg? In that case, the answer is six cycles. But from where does this number come or someone made it up. These are industry standards which need to be followed no matter what. Well, there are 2 reasons for this:


• First of all, the process of egg donation is new and many studies have been done on this. But, none of them can show what is their long term effect on the body or any risk associated with the procedure. There is a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, infection, and risk of anesthesia. There is not anything definite that the problem can occur or any type of long term effect on the body. But still, limiting the numbers can reduce the risk on the woman's body.

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• Another reason is that it might be possible to have an unwanted connection. This means resulting child because of egg donation might not be aware of genetic heritage and they might marry someone whom they are linked with.

Consult our fertility doctor to know more about the procedure.





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