Buck/Boost Converter With ADJUSTABLE Voltage AND Current(For Use in converting a Computer Power Supply to Lab BenchPower Supply

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This circuit uses the Buck/Boost Converter circuit for typically for use in a lab bench power supply. It features both adjustable voltage AND current using potentiometers. Without a buck/boost converter,a computer power supply can only provide a 3.3V, 5V and 12 supply lines. With the buck/boost converter created with the aid of a 555 timer, adjustable voltage is allowed. A simple transistor is used to increase 555 IC output current. Additionally, acurrent divider is used to create current-controlled current source to create that allows adjustable output current using a potentiometer. This allows both adjustable voltage and current of the buck/boost converter. Hence, a fully-featured lab bench power supply can be built.


555 TImer Test


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 10 AC 1 0 V2 HDR1X2 1 Yes
2 555_BJT_EE U2 DIP8 1 Yes
3 10nF C4,C1 CAP-CT4G-0805-2.54MM 2 Yes C254083
4 1M R4 AXIAL-0.8 1 Yes C274565
5 12K R3 AXIAL-0.6 1 Yes C119606
6 1.5K R1 AXIAL-0.8 1 Yes C119714




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