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Bench PSU

2 years ago 809
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Bench PSU Linear output with swtiching pre-regulation stage. FB mechanism keeps switching output approx. 1.8VDC above linear output. Directly driving the set pins of LT3081 with an op amp.



Power Supply



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part Price
1 680uF C1 CAP-D18.0XH16.5 1 EEEFK1J681AM PANASONIC LCSC C178552 1.336
2 150uF C2,C18 CAP-SMD_BD8.0-L8.3-W8.3-LS10.0-FD 2 EEHZC1V151P PANASONIC LCSC C128516 0.702
3 1uF C3,C4 CAP-T-4*5.4 2 EEEFC1V1R0R PANASONIC LCSC C178525 0.085
4 1nF C5,C17,C22,C26 1206 4 GRM3195C2A102JA01D Murata Electronics LCSC C162436 0.07
5 10uF C6,C7,C8,C9,C10,C11,C12,C13,C14,C15,C16,C19,C20,C21,C23,C24,C25 1206 17 CL31A106KBHNNNE SAMSUNG LCSC C13585 0.038
6 WJ500V-5.08-02P-14-00A CN1,CN2 WJ500V-5.08-2P 2 WJ500V-5.08-02P-14-00A ReliaPro LCSC C138464 0.087
7 ES3AB-13-F D1,D2 SMB_L4.6-W3.6-LS5.3-RD 2 ES3AB-13-F DIODES LCSC C154885 0.336
8 Z-211-0411-0021-001 H1,H4 HDR-4X1/2.54 2 Z-211-0411-0021-001 ZHENGLING LCSC C152150 0.02
9 100uH L1,L3 IND-SMD_L12.8-W12.5 2 CLF12577NIT-101M TDK LCSC C307647 1.387
10 470uH L2 1210 1 LQH32CN471K23L MuRata LCSC C113071 0.104
11 TJ-S3216SW9TGLC7K-A5 LED1 LED-1206 1 TJ-S3216SW9TGLC7K-A5 TOGIALED LCSC C192677 0.037
12 BC557B Q1,Q3 TO-92(TO-92-3) 2 BC557B CJ LCSC C2093 0.025
13 FMMT493 Q2 SOT-23-3 1 FMMT493 CJ LCSC C77886 0.059
14 100K R1,R2,R29,R30 1206 4 AR06BTCV1003 Viking Tech LCSC C319976 0.07
15 10K R3,R4,R5,R6,R8,R9,R12,R13,R16,R17,R18,R19,R26,R27,R28,R32,R33 1206 17 AR06DTCV1002 Viking Tech LCSC C319944 0.026
16 1K R7,R24,R25,R31 1206 4 AR06BTCV1001 Viking Tech LCSC C319819 0.068
17 3.92K R10 R1206 1 RS-06K3921FT Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech LCSC C323032 0.007
18 100 R11 1206 1 RMC1/8K101FTP57 KAMAYA LCSC C340526 0.006
19 10K R14,R15 RK097111080J 2 RK097111080J ALPS LCSC C97444 2.397
20 200 R20 1206 1 AR06FTD2000 Viking Tech LCSC C304136 0.019
21 1.47M R21 1206 1 1206W4F1474T5E Uniroyal Elec LCSC C247517 0.005
22 280K R22,R23 1206 2 RTT062803FTP RALEC LCSC C159607 0.003
23 LT3081ER#PBF U1,U2 -LT-R-7_N 2 LT3081ER#PBF LINEAR LCSC C117395 6.411
24 LM2596SX-ADJ/NOPB U3,U6 TO-263-5 2 LM2596SX-ADJ/NOPB TI LCSC C29781 4.016
25 AZ1117H-5.0TRE1 U4 SOT-223 1 AZ1117H-5.0TRE1 DIODES LCSC C99343 0.126
27 2685Y-104CNG1SNA01 U8,U9,U10 2685Y-104CNG1SNA01 3 2685Y-104CNG1SNA01 华宇创 LCSC C350310 0.057
28 LM324ANSR U11 SOIC-14_208MIL 1 LM324ANSR TI LCSC C111853 0.248


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Comments (2)

G4LEP Reply

Wondering if you can help?
I decided to order up a PCB and parts and build the PSU, I found and corrected an error with the negative current generator and it works OK however I have a couple of issues:
I cant get it to run in CC mode, it seems to trip, and could you explain the function of U11B? it doesn't seem to connect to anything.

Love the design and the board layout, must have taken you some time.



starwalker298 Reply

@G4LEP Hi Colin,

I've just signed into Easy EDA for the first time in a long time.

Thanks for your feedback! I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to build this. It's a really nifty design that I've been looking at for a while.

When you say you corrected an error in the negative current generator, do you mean there's an error in the schematic?

I'm not sure about the CC mode not working - I had a look through the app notes for the part, and a 5K pot instead of a 10K, and removing the 3.92K resistor should fix it up to work over the 0-3A range.

U11B looks like what was an output scaler for some other device. Either way, that part of the circuit is unfinished and serves no purpose for this particular version.

I'm planning on finishing this, building it and properly documenting it in the coming months.


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