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Optimised LM1875T mono amp - updated

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I changed some components as oposed to original design to get better filtering, better cut off frequencies of low and high pass filters. Better Zobel network. Ver 1.2 Update: Better quality components placed on PCB. Added star ground plate. Replaced one 22k resistor with 21k for better input bias current control. Replaced spade connectors with quality screw type connectors. Added two 2.5A fuses.

Feel free to use the amplifier and circuit as it suits your needs.



PCB_2020-02-28 07:12:20


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 220nF C8-220N CAP-TH_L7.2-W3.5-P5.00-D0.5 1 PE224J2A0501 KYET LCSC C393118
2 1M R1-1M RES-TH_BD2.4-L6.3-P10.30-D0.6 1 MFR50SFTE52-1M YAGEO LCSC C173145
3 LM1875T TO-220 LM1875T TO-220-5(FORMING) 1 LM1875T HGSEMI LCSC C383068
4 47uF C7 CAP-TH_BD5.0-P2.00-D0.8-FD 1 KF470M025C110A CapXon LCSC C59345
5 2.5A F1-2.5A,F2-2.5A FUSE-TH_L22.6-W9.0 2 Fuse transparent seat ReliaPro LCSC C58066
6 820 R3-820 RES-TH_BD2.2-L6.5-P10.50-D0.6 1 MFR0W4F8200A50 UniOhm LCSC C58624
7 220uF C1-220U,C2-220U CAP-TH_BD10.0-P5.00-D1.0-FD 2 UHE1H221MPD Nichicon LCSC C116231
8 WJ500V-5.08-3P-14-00A -24/0/+24V CONN-TH_3P-P5.00_WJ500V-5.08-3P 1 WJ500V-5.08-3P-14-00A ReliaPro LCSC C72334
9 2.2uF C9-2U2 CAP-TH_L18.0-W12.0-P15.00-D1.2 1 ECWFD2W225J PANASONIC LCSC C128507
10 21K R4-21K RES-TH_BD2.2-L6.5-P10.50-D0.6 1 - FlyWin LCSC C337152
11 100nF C3,C4 CAP-CD1H-5.08MM 2 CD1H104KC94ER1D000 Dersonic LCSC C263181
12 KF129-5.08-2P AUDIO-OUT,AUDIO-IN CONN-TH_P5.08_KF129-5.08-2P 2 KF129-5.08-2P Cixi Kefa Elec LCSC C475092
13 22K R5-22K RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 1 RN1/2WS22KΩFT/BA1 TyoHM LCSC C385475
14 560pF C6 CAP-TH_L5.0-W2.5-P5.00-D1.0 1 CT1-F5Y5P3B561KSP Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech LCSC C277954
15 1K R2-1K RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 1 RN1/2WS1KΩFT/BA1 TyoHM LCSC C385463
16 4R3 R6-4R3-1W RES-TH_BD4.0-L11.5-P15.50-D0.7 1 MF1W-4.3Ω±1% CCO LCSC C127238
17 10R R7-10R RES-TH_BD2.2-L6.5-P10.50-D0.6 1 MFR50SJT-52-10R YAGEO LCSC C176624




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