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ZXCard is a hardware for ZX81 ZX spectrum* that allows you to load you favorite programs from a SD card instead of cassettes. It connects into the standard expansion port. When booting the ZX, it boot from the Menu ROM included in the hardware. You can then select you file (TAP format) and it will be loaded into ram and executed. After reset you will be presented the menu again. The hardware includes: ROM for the menu and control ROM switch to switch in and out Menu ROM and cartridge RAM SD card interface with parallel to serial support Kempston Joystick interface





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 L78L33ACZ U1 SOT89 1
2 1u C1,C2 0603 2
3 SN74LS541N U4 SOP20 1
4 27C256AG U5 DIP28-600 1
5 SDMMC06132 U7 06132 1
6 1k R3,R4,R5,R6,R11,R12 0603 6
7 HD74LS74AP U2 SOP16L 1
8 74LS125 U8 SOP16L 1
9 DSUB9 X1 DB9 1
10 8x10K U6 SIP9 1
11 74137 U12 SOP16L 1
12 HD74LS00P U10 SOP16L 1
13 74LS32 U3,U9 SOP16L 2
14 AND2EE U13 SOP16L 1
15 ZX Spectrum edge connector P2 2X28 EGDE CONNECTOR 1




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