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Watt Meter - Static as of July 31, 2016

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AC Watt Meter.


This Project is still in the prototype stage. Build at your own risk!


This project is to make a AC power meter for determining total load of a device in any/all modes - functional, standby, parasitic.


My computer monitor requires how much power when: ON and I'm using the computer? ON, in "screensaver" mode ON, in Standby/power down mode (Blank screen) OFF, but still plugged into the wall (mains) power

This is not a 'New' design, but rather a mash-up of other open source ideas from around the Web.

I'll try to add a references list as I go, if/when I find or remember any.

The majority of my parts have been salvaged from commercial and consumer electronics, therefore I don't have full part numbers, suppliers, or prices.

Initially, the project will be made on a breadboard using an Arduino Pro-Mini. I plan on advancing the firmware, over time, to work on a 8s66 chip (esp-12 Module) allowing connection as an IOT type device with datalogging, graphs, etc.

This is not going to be happening fast. IOT is VERY new to me, and I've been out of the Electronics game for 15 years - a lot has changed!

This project's theory and most of the programming will be done physically away from my equipment, so I expect a lot of changes as testing starts up.

Feel free to ask questions - I'll do my best to answer. Plus, it'll keep me motivated.



Watt Meter

Program Flow

Watt Meter PCB

Watt Meter 10x10 max

Watt Meter 10x10 max-intr


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
2 20A FUSE F1 FUSE-5X20-PCB 1
3 1k 1% R2 R3 1
4 91k R3 R3 1
5 10u C2 CP_8X13MM 1
6 AC In P1 HDR1X1 1
7 AC In N P3 HDR1X1 1
8 220u C3 CP_8X13MM 1
9 1u C4,C7 C1 2
10 LM7805EE U1 TO220 1
11 330u C6 CP_8X13MM 1
12 ADS1115 Module M2 ADS115 Module PCB 1
13 1k R13,R14,R9,R10,R6 R3 5
14 100n C9,C1,C11,C10,C5 C1 5
15 ESP8266-12E/ESP-12E U3 LGA22-2.0-24X16MM 1
16 10k R5,R12,R16,R8,R7,R11,R15 R3 7
17 130R R17* R3 1
18 200R R19* R3 1
19 10u C12* C1 1
20 AMS1117-ADJ U2 SOT223 1
21 0R R18* R3 1
22 SIP6 J1 HDR1X6 1
23 VN0808 Q1 TO-92V 123 1
24 2N5087 Q2 TO-92V 123 1
25 1N4005 D1,D3,D2,D4,D5 DO35-7 5
26 I2C LCD 20x4 M3 HDR1X4 1
27 Arduino-Pro-Mini M4 Arduino-Pro-Mini 1
28 4-Coil Transformer TX1 4-Coil Transformer 1
29 DSS41Axx K2 DSS4 RELAY - SIP 1
30 220uF C8 AVX-E 1
31 10BQ040 D8,D7,D6,D9,D10,D11 SMB 6
32 10k R1 3296W 1
33 L-Button S3 TACTILE-PTH 1
34 R-Button S4 TACTILE-PTH 1
35 Test_Point-TH TP1,TP11,TP5,TP4,TP2,TP3,TP9,TP10,TP12 Test_Point-TH 9
36 SIP2 TP8,J2,TP6,TP7 HDR1X2 4
37 100k R4 3296W 1
38 5600u C13 CP_8X13MM 1
39 100k R21,R23,R24 R3 3
40 22k R22 R3 1
41 50k R20 TRIM_POT_PTH 1
42 Current Sensor - ACS712 M1 Current Sensor - ACS712 1
43 DPDT-Bulgin-C S2 DPDT-Bulgin-C 1
44 Opto-Isolator OK1 DIP4 1
45 Relay - JQX-102F K1 Relay - JQX-102F 1
46 AC In L P4 HDR1X1 1




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