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WeMos 3Chan N-FET Driver v2.0

2 years ago 883
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3 Channel (RGB) 10A/chan, WeMos LED Driver 12-24V Specifically designed for 24V RGB LED strips Designed to be DIN Rail mounted in a small enclosure next to a 24V power supply for use for larger home LED installations (under cabinet, Decks, etc) Hosts a webpage to interface to change colors from a smart phone. rx/tx and I2C broken out for external interfacing specifically a for nextion display Fully ESD protected for rough installations. CODE: COMING SOON to


WeMos 3Chan N-FET Driver v2.0

WeMos 3Chan N-FET Driver v2.0


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Part Price LCSC Assembly Mounted nameAlias LCSC
1 270 R1,R3,R8 0805 3 Value(Ω)
2 10k R2,R5,R7,R4,R9 0805 5 Value(Ω)
3 Terminal U2,U10,U11,U5,U6,U1 TERMINAL PLUG SCREW CONNECTOR 6 Terminal Plug Screw Connector
4 4.7k R16,R6 0805 2 Value(Ω)
5 BAT54S D2,D3 SOT23-3 2
6 0.2uF C2,C1 0805 2 Value(F)
10 Header-Female-2.54_1x4 P1,P2,P3 HDR-4X1/2.54 3 Header-Female-2.54_1x4 LCSC LCSC C44527
11 1u C4 CAP-D8.0XF3.5 1 Value(F)
12 FQP30N06L Q1,Q2,Q3 T0-220 HEAT MOSFET 3
13 PCB DIN Rail Mounting Holes U7,U8 PCB DIN RAIL MOUNTING HOLES 2 PCB DIN Rail Mounting Holes
14 Spark Gap SG1 NONE 1


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Comments (8)

Henrik Andersen Reply

am i right that this Have a common GND for the led?

terryjmyers Reply

@henrikandersen47 Yes. All three LEDs sink to a common ground.  The intention is to have a +12-24V go right to the LEDs.  Then return from the LEDs goes to the inputs (GPIO13-15).  Then GND returns back to power supply.  You only need one wire going back to ground, or have all three for higher current handling.

FYI, I've redesigned this board here:
I've changed the design to use a buck-boost converter and have a 12V rail for use with 12V motion sensors.  The 12V inputs have voltage dividers. I also speced out proper mosfet driver chips as well.  You don't have to install them as I've provided a way to just bridge two pads with solder by bypass them.

Henrik Andersen Reply


I am searching for at board that is:

- Small Size pcb
- 12Vdc Input
- 16 Outputs 12Vdc to LED's (Dimmable) All the LED's have common Cathode
- 16 Input 12Vdc
- With esp8266
- With Gyroscope
- With hall-effect sensor
- With Temp / Hymidity Sensor

Is that something you can help with?

terryjmyers Reply

Sure, I can help, I have direct experience with all but a gyroscope and hall effect sensor, but those are pretty easy to integrate.
One problem I see is that the ESP8266 doesn't have enough I/O pins to accommodate size of the project you've outlined (it only has 10 usable IO pins).  For 16 outputs and 16 inputs, and three sensors, you'd need a microcontroller with a minimum of around 37 pins.  You'll need a much more capable micro controller.  Assuming you want to stick within the Arduino IDE/Toolchain, an ATMEGA2560 (Arduino Mega 2560), or a SAM3X (Arduino due) is a more appropriate choice.  There are external ICs that can control the LEDs and others process Inputs that can be controlled via a digital bus (SPI or I2C).  This would allow the use of an ESP8266.  However, the ESP8266 is not as capable as the newer bigger version, the ESP32.   The ESP32 has twice as may pins, and is almost 10X's faster.  But you'd still need external ICs to do the PWM outputs and to process inputs.
You mention that you want a "small PCB".  With 16 inputs, 16 outputs, 3 sensors, the microcontroller, power regulation, and terminal blocks, you're looking at a PCB size of at least 400 sq cm.  Larger depending on the power requirements of the LEDs.
I'd need to know more about your specific application to be able to offer the most useful advice for you.
1. What exactly is this project for? Im interactive robot covered in LEDs? :)
2. What are the power requirements of the LEDs?   What type\, RGB?  What exactly are you lighting up?
3. What are you going to do with the Inputs?  Does each input turn on/off one of the LED outputs by dimming it on / off?
4. What are you doing with the sensors?  Dimming the LEDs based on sensor data?
5. Do you need WiFi and/or bluetooth connectivity?
6.  Is there any additional interface other than digital inputs?  Web Page? Touch Screen?
You can email me: [email protected].

Henrik Andersen Reply

didn't hear from you.

terryjmyers Reply

I don't think I received an email from you.  I checked my spam folder and everything.  Try again?  [email protected]

Henrik Andersen Reply

First one send : 2018-05-25 20:20And Second : 2018-06-13 18:21

akki panwar Reply

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