ATtiny85 TinyFMradio SMD

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ATtiny85 controlled FM radio with RDS (RDA5807) and integrated audio amplifier (XPT8871). You can directly connect a protected li-ion battery, a 3 W / 4 Ohm speaker and an FM antenna.

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part
1 Header VIN,SPK HDR-1X2/2.54 2 2.54-1*2PFemale
2 HT7333-A U4 SOT-89 1 HT7333-A
3 32.768 khz Y1 XTAL-32KHZ 1 VT-200-F-32.768kHz-20PPM-6pF
4 I2C I2C HDR-4X1/2.54 1 Header-Female-2.54_1x4
5 1000uF C3 CAP-SMD_D10.0-L10.3-W10.3-H10.2 1 EEE1CA471P
6 1k R2 0603 1 0603WAF1001T5E
7 10k R7,R1,R8,R9 0603 4 0603WAF1002T5E
8 20k R6,R5 0603 2 0603WAF2002T5E
9 4k7 R3,R4 0603 2 0603WAF4701T5E
10 ATTINY85-20SU U1 SOIC-8_208MIL 1 ATTINY85-20SU
11 Slide Switch POWER SLIDE SWITCH DPDT 1P2T JB 1 New SchematicLib
12 ICSP-6 ICSP ICSP-6 1 ?
13 Rotary Enc SW1 BOURNS_PEC11R-4XXXF-SXXXX 1 PEC11R-4015F-S0024
14 Header ANT HDR-1X1/2.54 1 Header-Male-2.54_1x1
15 10u C7,C4 0603 2 CL10A106MA8NRNC
16 100n C1,C8,C15,C14,C5,C16,C6 0603 7 CC0603KRX7R9BB104
17 1u C9,C11 0603 2 CL10A105KB8NNNC
18 1n C10 0603 1 CL10B102KB8NNNC
19 390n C12,C13 0603 2 CC0603KRX7R6BB394
20 47u C2 1206 1 CL31A476MQHNNNE
21 XPT8871ES U3 HSOP-8 1 XPT8871ES
22 LED-Blue LED1 LED-0603 1 19-217/BHC-ZL1M2RY/3T
23 RDA5807MP U2 SOP-8_150MIL 1 RDA5807MP


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Comments (7)

SP634 Reply

Hello! I want to make this radio, but I can not compile the hex file from your ino. Сould you please provide me with this hex file? Thanks

SP634 Reply


SP634 Reply

One more question: how is the battery voltage monitoring function implemented?

Stefan Wagner Reply

@SP634  The internal 1.1V voltage reference is measured against VCC with the ADC of the ATtiny. From this the supply voltage is calculated, which should normally be 3.3V due to the LDO. If the voltage of the battery falls below this value, the output voltage of the LDO and thus VCC of the ATtiny also decrease. At below 3.2V the display "Bat: weak" appears.

SP634 Reply

Great! Radio is working (on a breadboard).Thanks a lot for this project and for your comments

Stefan Wagner Reply

@SP634  Thank you for your feedback. Have fun!

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