Arduino shield Burn the ATMEGA328P Bootloader & codes

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At the center of every Arduino UNO you’ll find Microchip’s ATmega328p microcontroller.

It’s the brains of the operation, without it, your Arduino wouldn’t be able to do any of the amazing things it’s famous for.

This Arduino Uno shield will give you the oportunity to burn the ATMEGA328P bootloader. After that, you can use an FT232RL USB/TTL converter to push codes inside the chip.

The shield can be powered by the Arduino UNO or the FT232RL converter.


Ardu PCB



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 UNO_R3 P1 UNO_R3 1
2 52a8a93f22aa40209b15adb57cfe1a5a X1 QUARZ 1
3 39b506adfc7b4d668c24a4ef890209aa C1,C2 CAP-2.5*6*7 2
4 5ba509f895244278a1309c0031b47188 R3,R4,R5 AXIAL-0.5 3
5 11baaef464894ea5a7ddd0ea461e5e41 LED1 LED-5MM/2.54 1
6 5ba509f895244278a1309c0031b47188 R2 AXIAL-0.5 1
7 36628af0fe3849a2f482991ed56c81b7 U1 DIP-28_300MIL 1
8 df7968c2afd842ddac1a5c0875a04b7c SW1 DIP SWITCHEI-04 1
9 35716bd789cb4d8588b6cbd806c0d4ce FTDI1 TTL-FDTI-2.54 1
10 39b506adfc7b4d668c24a4ef890209aa C3 CAP-2.5*6*7 1
11 21f8f80a3f7c3c2b00b33f71a31ff6ef P2 HDR-3X1/2.54 1
12 2a15dc40e18d4c30b236818dbcf6137a SW2 SW-DIP-6X6-3PX2P-TS 1


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