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High-performance STM8 core, three-stage instruction pipeline, main frequency up to 16M 8k FLASH, 1k RAM, 128Byte true EEPROM 3 master clock sources to choose from: HSE, HSI, LSI low power mode: wait, active-halt, halt The peripheral clock can be turned off independently, power-up and power-down reset embedded 32 midrange vectors, up to 5 external interrupts 2 16-bit timers, an 8-bit basic timer SPI single-line interface (up to 8Mbit/s), IIC (up to 400kbit/s) UART (SmartCard, lrDa, LIN's main mode) 3-way 10-bit ADC, individual/continuous/buffered operating mode 5-way universal IO port, inline single-line download and simulation interface SWIM






ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 STM8S001J3M3_JX U1 SOP8_150MIL_JX 1 Yes undefined
2 Blue/LED LED1 0603_D_JX 1 Yes undefined
3 Green/LED LED2 0603_D_JX 1 Yes undefined
4 4.7k/1% R1 0603_R_JX 1 Yes undefined
5 10k/1% R2,R3 0603_R_JX 2 Yes undefined
6 1μF/20V C1 CA_3216_JX 1 Yes undefined
7 100nF/50V C2,C5 0603_C_JX 2 Yes undefined
8 1μF/50V C3,C4 0603_C_JX 2 Yes undefined
9 Red/LED LED-PWR 0603_D_JX 1 Yes undefined
10 SW_SK-12D02_JX SW1 SW_SK-12D02_JX 1 Yes undefined
11 M_2.54_1*4P_JX P2 M_2.54_1*4P_JX 1 Yes undefined
12 M_2.54_1*8P_JX P5 M_2.54_1*8P_JX 1 Yes undefined
13 M_2.54_2*3P_JX P4 M_2.54_2*3P_JX 1 Yes undefined
14 SC662K-3.3_JX U2 SOT23_JX 1 Yes undefined
15 0.96OLED_4P_Module_JX P1 0.96OLED_4P_MODULE_JX 1 Yes undefined
16 M_R_2.54_1*3P_JX P6 M_2.54_1*3P_JX 1 Yes undefined
17 M_B_2.54_1*3P_JX P7 M_2.54_1*3P_JX 1 Yes undefined
18 SW_PUSH_JX KEY SW_PUSH_6MM_H5MM_JX 1 Yes undefined
19 XH_2501R_2P_Locked_JX P3 XH_2501R_2P_LOCKED_JX 1 Yes undefined
20 4b6f3cfa8581473c906853d44688ba49 U5 LOGO_EASYEDA-BOTTOM 1 Yes


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