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How to enter special characters into EasyEDA text

5 years ago 1979
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Using LibreOffice or most other word processors and some text editors, it is possible to copy and paste the symbol and other mathematical symbols into EasyEDA text both here in the editor and in Forum posts.

Some examples:

the integral symbol: ;

the Sigma symbol: ;

and several more: ∂, ∆, ∏, √, ∞, ≈, ≠, ≡, ≤, ≥ and so on


Insert > Special Characters > Subset > Mathematical Operators

Trigonometrical and other symbols such as: π, δ, ε, θ, λ, μ and so on


Insert > Special Characters > Subset > Basic Greek

However, please note that the tilde symbol is a reserved character in EasyEDA and so cannot be entered into text in a schematic.

If the formula is more complex and needs to be clearly represented in a formal mathematical format then it can be entered into the Formula Editor of LibreOffice (or some other word processor), saved as a .doc or .docx file and then uploaded into your projects page in:

as an Attachment like the Mathematical_examples.doc and Mathematical_examples.docx files attached to this project.

If you can convert (export) the formulae from the Formula Editor into a .jpg or.png image then you can save it somewhere and upload it as a project page Cover image as show above.

Once uploaded, right click on the image and do:

Copy image address

You can also then link the image into a schematic using the Image button on the Drawing Tools palette:

enter image description here

and then selecting the image region and entering the URL (the image address you just copied from your project page Cover image) into the right hand Properties panel:

enter image description here

Then position and resize the image as required:

enter image description here

However, it may take several attempts to get the right image resolution using this approach.


How to enter special characters into EasyEDA text




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