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Demonstrating simulations of a DC and a two phase stepper motor.

Model of a generic DC motor.

The model has the motor positive and negative power supply terminals.

It also has three outputs.

TORQUE is a voltage representing the motor torque scaled as 1V/Nm.

ANGVEL is a voltage representing the angular velocity of the motor scaled as 1V/RADIAN/s.

POSITION is a voltage representing the angular position of the motor scaled as 1V/RADIAN.

The subckt netlist has the following user editable parameters:

DCR = 0.5 ; Ohms. DC resistance

LSER = 1.5m ; H. Series inductance of motor

KT = 0.05 ; Nm/A. Torque Constant

JM = 250u ; Nm/rad/s2. Total inertia of motor plus load

BM = 100u ; Nm/rad/s. Total friction of motor plus load

KEMF = 0.05 ; V/rad/s. Speed Constant

For background information, see:


Stepper motor test jig

This sim demonstrates the TORQUE, OMEGA (angular velocity) and POSN (Position) outputs of the subcircuit model of an ARSAPE_AM2224_AV_18 2 phase stepper motor when driven by an ideal reversible quadrature drive source.

Stepper motor check jig

This sim takes the subcircuit model of an ARSAPE_AM2224_AV_18 2 phase stepper motor and applies a voltage to the 'omega' motor angular velocity terminal to represent spinning the motor shaft from an external drive.

The motor then operates as a generator and the voltages across the AP and AN pins and across the BP and BN pins is plotted.

Open in Editor then CTRL+R to run sim.

Configure traces using the blue gear icon in the WaveForm display.



Stepper motor test jig

Stepper motor check jig


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part
1 ARSAPE_AM2224_AV_18 U1,U1 ? 2 ?
2 PULSE({-drv} {drv} {tdela} 1u 1u {tper/2} {tper}) V1 2P-5.0 1 ?
3 PULSE({-drv} {drv} {tdelb} 1u 1u {tper/2} {tper}) V2 2P-5.0 1 ?
4 PULSE(0 2 0 500m 500m 3) V1 2P-5.0 1 ?
5 PULSE(0 10 1m 1u 1u 1 2) V1 2P-5.0 1 ?


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