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NE5534 basic PA

3 years ago 1946
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Using the NE5534 low noise operational amplifier to make a very basic power amplifier.

Based on the schematic from:

Note that the input connection shown in the original schematic does not make sense as it effectively shorts the AudioRight and AudioLeft signal sources together. This is likely to produce non-linear behaviour in the two sources and does not properly mix the two signals together as presumably was the original intention. This circuit illustrates the correct way to mix two signals together, using the virtual earth properties of the inverting operational amplifier configuraton on which the design is based to sum the input currents developed through RIN1 and RIN2 at the FB node.

Supply decoupling omitted because in this simulation, VCC is an ideal voltage source so any decoupling capacitance has no effect.

Simulation indicates that the amplifier can only swing to within about 3V of VCC and ground.

Allowing for an extra Vbe drop due to each of the emitter follower output transistors, this is roughly in agreement with the datasheets:


NE5534 basic PA


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 SIN(0 380m 1k) VIN1 2P-5.0 1
2 12 VCC 2P-5.0 1
3 10k RIN1,RIN2 R0805 2
4 100k RFB,R3,R4 R0805 3
5 NE5534_UB U1 ? 1
6 BC637_INF Q1 TO-92 1
7 100 R5 R0805 1
8 22n C2 C0805 1
9 47 R6 R0805 1
10 8 R8 1X02 1
11 2200u C3 CP_8X13MM 1
12 100n C1,C4 C0805 2
13 BC640_INF Q2 TO-92 1
14 SIN(0 38m 10k) VIN2 2P-5.0 1


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