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Thyristor dv/dt demo

5 years ago 1922
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Demonstrating the effect of dv/dt turn-on in a Thyristor.

For a Thyristor or SCR in the non-conducting state - even with the gate tied to the cathode - as the rate of change of voltage (dv/dt) across the anode and cathode terminals exceeds the datasheet specified maximum value (in this case 30V/us), the device will turn on.

A similar effect occurs in Diacs and Triacs.

This simulation uses the EasyEDA Thyristor model. For more on this model see:



To run the simulation:



Thyristor dv_by_dt demo


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 Pulse(1 2.1 2.5u) V2 1
2 V=LIMIT(0, 15, V(gen)) B1 1
3 100 R1 1
4 V=V(ramp)*V(slope) B2 1
5 2N5060EE T1 1
6 Pulse(0 15 0 1u 10n 1u 3u) V1 1


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